Love Is On The Way – A Note From Heaven – Delivered By Thomas Koester

My dear Precious One,

Pain, suffering, crisis and hardship are tools in my hand, not to harm you; not to punish you, but to transform and beautify you. All losses and all hardships are my instructors and directors, nudging you towards my heart and shaping my likeness into your uniqueness.

I have redeemed you to be with me forever, and so, I’m preparing you now for the happily-ever-after then.

Don’t stop loving me. I will not stop loving you – never! I am a ferocious and unstoppable lover of your heart and soul. There is no other God like me, or ever shall there be. I am your One and Only, as you are my one and only. This is how I see all my children, high or low, great or small, you are precious to me all.

Focus not your worry on the crisis. Rather, focus your faith on my promises, so that my will may happen on earth, just as it exists here with me in heaven.

I hold ALL things together by the Word of my Power! Am I not qualified to be your only God and Father?

I am jealous for your love, but I know how frail you are and how prone you are to wonder, so I am patient, wooing you by my Spirit and gently whispering to your heart and soul: “come back to me… …come back my Dear One.”

Don’t test me, but rest in me, and all will go well with you.

My Son Jesus, is my expression of my love for you. His face is my face. His passion is my passion. Come to me through him. If you stop believing in Him, you stop believing in Me. Don’t stop believing, and don’t stop obeying my Word and my Voice.

In due time your season will change. The valleys of death will be gone and mountainous vistas will spring up, and the works of my hand will shower you with breathtaking beauty and it will captive your heart. Your soul will be filled to overflowing and we’ll dance together again.

I am longing to show you my face and light up your life with my full presence and full glory, into everlasting joy and happiness.

In that day, you’ll become as bright as the stars in heaven and all your worries, hurts and imperfections will be gone, gone and gone, never to return.

I can’t wait to show you all I’ve prepared just for you. Let me continue to prepare you for all of it; the highs and lows, the turbulence and difficult days are all masterfully handled and orchestrated by me.

Be patient and remain true to me, as our time together is always approaching nearer and nearer. Things will get rough just before they’ll get better, so watch carefully for my signs and ready yourself — I love to come through for you, because I’m in love with you…

…Love is on the way!

Your Loving Abba-Father,


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