Healing Your Past Will Set You Free In Your Present – By Thomas Koester

“Reconciliation Starts Here – Forgiveness Starts Here …This is Why it is Such A Powerful Weapon”

Christ came to reconcile our past and future, so that we may live real and abundant lives in the present. Time and forgetfulness cannot heal old wounds, for this is why Christ announced his anointing, as he read from Isaiah 61:

“The Sovereign Lord is upon me and has anointed me to preach good news to the spiritual poor and impoverished, to heal the broken hearted; setting captives free, and proclaiming release for the imprisoned.”

Yes he came for our salvation, but he also came for our healing, release of our captivities and for freedom from our bondages. All of these things are from our past. The above list is most often what has happened to us, whether it was yesterday or years ago. Christ is ready to go there with you now, and at this very moment. Please, don’t ignore the tugging that’s happening at this moment in your heart and mind. Don’t be afraid, but be brave. Be humble. Get freed.

I was preaching at a men’s retreat a few years ago for a men’s group from a Church which I had not visited nor was I familiar with. At the opening of the retreat, I was introduced to all the men in the group, and one of the men was familiar to me. I introduced myself to this gentlemen, and I immediately recalled that this was the man who had molested me as a child, some forty years earlier.

What ended up happening was nothing short of a miracle and the beauty of the Kingdom of God was breaking through; peace between the lion and the lamb was about to occur.

God had given me the message of reconciliation and forgiveness a few days before the retreat. But before God would allow me to preach it, he asked me to reconcile with this man now, and at that moment, and to forgive him before I do anything else.

So, with God’s grace and power, I cooperated with His Spirit of forgiveness and mercy. I had kept this man’s offense to myself and from the rest of the men at the retreat, and I walked with God into my past. Christ Jesus brought us peace, healing, freedom and release. Chains fell off that weekend and a new friendship was born.

Later I had learned that this man had become a Christian shortly after he had molested me so many decades ago. But, until I had forgiven him I was buried under a mountain of shame that haunted me for decades.

God, through Christ Jesus is reconciling the world back to God, and even our past. Sometimes his Spirit of Grace brings us backwards to reconcile past hurts, past captivities and past imprisonments. Whether it is us behind the bars of hatred and unforgiveness, or the whether we’re the jailer, holding the keys of someone else’s past offenses against them.

Through the Men’s Retreat, God had shown me that we can only stumble over our past if it is left in a state of un-forgiveness and left unreconciled. Because God is eternal, the Alpha and Omega, he exists in our past, present and future. The works of Christ, destroying the works of the Devil in all the areas and seasons of our lives is both completed and ongoing, in a multidimensional way and unhindered by time and place.

All governments are upon his shoulders. The expanse of his Kingdom shall know no end. He is the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, Wonderful Counselor and the Prince of Peace. He is there all the time, and in every area of our lives, past, present and future, but you must believe and obey Him and listen to His voice. I cannot stress how significant the voice of the Lord is and how important it is to listen, follow and obey.

We can enter into our future with triumph, because Jesus Christ has triumphed over our pasts, and if we work with him, he will bring us to the place of forgiveness, even forgiveness for our past enemies, abusers and those who’ve betrayed our hearts.

Forgiveness is such a powerful weapon for good.

Journey with God, as he leads you, and do not dismiss your past, but have the courage and faith to follow Him wherever he leads you.

I can promise you this, God is already there!

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