The All Encompassing All Consuming Other Worldly Life – By Thomas Koester

Full-Time Pastors are not a justification for our part-time Christianity. Neither is Christianity simply a vocation for the elite and educated clergy.

It is a radical new culture and community; a new way of life and living, it is not a compartmentalized life, whereby God is public on Sundays, but private on Mondays through Saturdays; not an alternate-parallel life style – that is, one foot in Church and one foot in the world. It is an all-consuming, all-encompassing other-worldly life.

True Christianity is so radical, so alien that your only way to survive in it is to suit up in complete faith. Natural laws and physics are are without limits and barriers; economy and dominion are infinite and ever expanding. Sickness and disease are opportunities and victories for growth. For the believer, death is but a brief knapp and an instant passage from a lessor glory to a full glory.

However, someone suggested that in order to reach the world, we must act like the world and, well, that’s certainly backfired!

Somewhere along the way, we’ve become the world, and therefore the world has nothing to see; there’s no contrast. The world is left without a testimony. Jesus himself said before he ascended into heaven:

“When I return, will I find faith on earth?”

Let’s stop our part-time Christianity and make it our full-time life. Let’s not leave our Christian duties and responsibilities for our pastors, but all do the work of ministry.

Doing nothing to very little with our faith stunts our growth as a godly people. Serving others and doing the work of ministry causes us to flourish and reach maturity in faith.

The world needs grown up Christians and not another worldly-religious order.

Final thought…

Your pastor will not be standing in for you on your behalf at The Judgement Seat of Christ. No, it’ll be just you, and what you have, and have not done to the least of one of these.

You’re not saved by your works, but your works validates your faith. Faith without works is dead, and works without faith and without love is nothing at all.

I challenge you to show off your faith to the unseen world, that the world in which we live will see your faith and believe. Make your Heavenly Father proud, and give him many reasons to say: “Well done, my faithful son or daughter.”

When your faith lights up, it shows off the incomparable brightness and weightiness of God.

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