The Rapid Collapse of America – By Thomas Koester

Historically, every failed Nation, or civilization has indeed gone through what America and Western civilization is currently going through. The key phrase here is, “every failed Nation or civilization.”

What America is currently undergoing is the rapid decline of our freedoms of the many, for the sake of special liberties for the debauched and the immoral filth of the few. Those with political power will ride the inevitable cultural implosion to greater power and dictatorial control. This is by design and not happenstance.

Again, this is not a new paradigm, but a “rinse and repeat” cycle of history, and what happens with an apathetic, contemporary people, unwilling to learn from past historical mistakes. Albeit, the lack of historical knowledge has been purposely engineered out of our educational institutions, unwittingly to the average American and student. This, by no means excuses the average American citizen, but rather is a sad and factual commentary of our collective willingness in seeking pleasure, and our policy of appeasement in exchange for governmental control and free goodies.

In reality, we’ve all chosen to worship America, and all it’s bounty, rather than the God of Heaven, Earth’s only Redeemer.

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalms 11:3.

Unfortunately, the 21 Century Church has been too preoccupied with Church! If the Church would’ve been occupied with the Kingdom of God, as an occupying force for good, we would not be this far down the river, and perhaps the “foundations” could’ve been repaired.

Our task was to occupy until He comes — To preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to the entire world as a witness. Not hasten the day of destruction because of our misguided disengagement, and our pre-tribulation and premilienial exfiltration madness!

As surely as the sun rises in the East, our future leaders will be as debauched, morally vacant and deranged as the voters that vote them into power. Our ignominious milestones of the first this, or the first that; the first gay Senator, first transgender Congressman, first Islamic-Extremist Representative and our first LGBTTQQIAAP President, etc. will become the millstone of slavery around every citizen’s neck; rich or poor, black or white, gay or straight, and liberal or conservative.

Unapologetically, the only option for recovery and change is to turn away from our individual and corporate sins; repent, and turn wholeheartedly to God. Without delay, seeking His forgiveness for our willful disregard of His laws, and of the greatest gift given to all mankind, that is Jesus Christ, God’s only way of salvation truth and righteousness.

Without Jesus Christ, America’s greatness will most certainly collapse, and not even Donald J. Trump can make America Great Again.

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