Killing Religion – By Thomas Koester

Religion must die, after all, it murdered the Messiah. And so, God made good use of it to usher in redemption, through the death of His Son. However, religion does not belong in any true house of worship, nor does it belong in the life of any true follower of Jesus Christ.

Lately, there has been a whole lot of “religion” thrown around, bullying lost and broken souls, for which Christ came to heal, and for which Christ came to die. Don’t become infected by religion or traditionalism like I did. Get cured from it and become Agents of Grace, instead of Agents of Religion.

Jesus Christ vanquished religion the morning he rose from the grave. He left the grave clothes of the old religious order in the tomb and provided us direct access to God the Father through his glorious risenness.

The best way to kill Religion, is to love the Religious into a relationship directly with our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ his son.

In The Gospel of Luke, chapter 12, Jesus warns the crowd:

“Guard yourselves from the yeast that puffs up the Pharisees—hypocrisy, false appearance, trying to look better than you really are.”

You see, your goodness is not good enough. Only the goodness of Jesus is good enough to save you and change your life. You cannot change the truth of who you are in the inside by your actions on the outside. Your heart must be changed. Religion cannot change your heart. It can change your outer appearance, but not your heart.

God’s grace is sufficient to save the Religious out from their Religions.

Because Jesus lives, we live — free from religion and free from the traditions of men!

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