Living a Life Worth Remembering – By Thomas Koester

Seven out of ten people cannot remember the name of their great grandfather. This means that most fathers of today will be forgotten in less than three generations. It’s not that children can’t remember, it’s that most fathers are absent in their lives and therefore are absent in their children’s and in their grandchildren’s memories. The verbal tradition of familial heritage becomes silent, when we live selfishly, or abusively to our offspring.

This is more significant than simply remembering the name of our great grandfathers. Rather, it’s about whether our lives today and tomorrow were meaningful enough to be worth remembering, or positive enough to be inspirational.

When I first learned of this statistic, I sat there shocked; in utter disbelief and horror. This would mean that my future offspring would be oblivious to my existence, and my life today, tomorrow and forever would be erased!

The Scriptures says:

“God has set eternity in the hearts of men.” Ecclesiastes 3:11.

This is why being forgotten is so frightening. Eternity is written into our hearts and souls, to never have existed is contrary to our DNA and to our consciousness.

This set within me a passion to leave an indelible and positive mark on the hearts and minds of my children and grandchildren. This is why I write articles and stories. Not only do I want my children’s children, and their children to remember me, I want the life I live now to inspire them to do memorable acts of love and goodness for others.

The Apostle Paul wrote:

“…He will give eternal life to those who keep on doing good, seeking after the glory and honor and immortality that God offers.” Romans 2:7

I want my children to do greater things than me, so that their children will also be inspired to do greater things than their parents, and so on. I want what God desires for me and my children; a life of eternity, glory, honor and immortality.

Job puts it this way:

“The righteous move onward and forward; those with clean hands become stronger and stronger.” Job 17:9

Also, I write articles and blogs for others, leaving behind breadcrumbs, so that they too will find the Father-heart of God. I want as many people possible to experience the joy and amazement of belonging to a loving God, through His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. You see, even God desires that His Son live a legacy life to be remembered and never forgotten. That all of the works of Jesus would lead us to His Father! That all the Father’s spiritual offspring would find their way home to Heaven.

Your greatest accomplishment is not only to father your children well while you’re living, but even more so, after you’ve gone. This is called a legacy — Living a life worth Remembering!

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