Breaking The Gravitational Forces of Comfort – By Thomas Koester

You were not created for a mundane life. Your heart is longing to break free from routine. Only a freed heart can do the impossible!

What I’m talking about here is pushing against the gravitational forces of our comforts and guarantees. To break the chains of slavery to fear. To do what our hearts are calling us to do. Its always the heart, which challenges our mind and our body to achieve great things. To listen to our heart, is indeed a scary and costly proposition. But, absolutely necessary, if you truly want to live!

Proverbs 4:23 instructs us to: “above all, keep our hearts, for from it flows the source of life.”

If you want to be free from the “mundane,” you must be willing and brave enough to tap into the source of life and follow God into the unknown — into the impossible. God doesn’t require us to know much, but to simply trust and follow him. He’ll train the stouthearted during the journey. He’s after our passion and our faith. Neither of these two precious qualities happens while sitting in our offices or sofas, or for that matter, even while enjoying our Sunday morning services, sitting in our favorite pew or chair.

Pushing against the gravitational forces of comforts and all the niceties of guarantees is where it begins. Do nothing, and neither you or God is pleased.

What happens when we’re willing to break free from the mundane? Well, God awakens hidden desires that he put into our hearts long before we were born. He won’t awaken your desire until you’re willing and ready to venture with Him.

God spoke to Abram and invited him to a new and better land that God would show him along the way. In spite of all that was comfortable and familiar, Abram said yes, and God begins the journey by explaining to this 75 year old man that he would become the Father of many Nations.

Do you see, how God awakens a forgotten and hidden desire in the childless Abram?

Many years later, God changes Abram’s name to Abraham, meaning: “Father of Many,” and tells this old man that his aged wife, Sarah, would bear him a son.

Miracles will only happen when you are willing to be at risk.

You must be willing to risk the familiar for the unfamiliar. If you want freedom and a true identity, you must break the chains binding you to earth.

Isn’t that worth the risk to follow God with our hearts and to love Him with everything we’ve got?

Do you want to be comfortable, or do you want to be free?

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