Breaking The Gravitational Force of Doubt – By Thomas Koester

Doubt is the gravitational force that keeps you from piercing through the atmosphere of the impossible.

Doubt is a killer of dreams and all that gives your life meaning.

Your faith is the rocket fuel that allows you to violate the forces of nature, doubt and physics.

Faith destroys doubt, in spite of fear.

Faith in the ability and will of God can only win when you reject all other options. The more primary your faith becomes, the more God can do through your faith.

Asking God, how? is a faithless question. The question, “how?” can cause a failure in launching your faith and your ability to breakthrough the gravitational forces of doubt…

…He wants your immediate obedience, because this shows just how much you trust him for all the unseen details.

When you break the gravitational forces of doubt, angels gather in excited anticipation and demons become unsettled and defeated.

Now, go do what you’ve been called to do. Sometimes the equipping and provisions are developed during the journey, and this too will cause your faith to soar.

What are you waiting for?

You already have permission from God to do the impossible. When you step out to do the impossible God shows himself in each impossible step. His miracles become the breadcrumbs for others to follow and a testimonial to your faith and God’s faithfulness.

Break through the gravitational forces of doubt and miracles will become the norm.

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