The Conspiratorial Contol of Climate Change – By Thomas Koester

This is really about the Power of The Universe vs The Power of The Government.

Authentic scientific fact and astrophysicist theories tell us a different story than what government spins on a daily basis through the news media, colleges and universities.

Here’s a few facts:

The earth spins on it’s axis at 1,000 MPH, while traveling around the sun at the speed of 67,000 MPH and the sun rotates every 24.47 days. These dynamics, and not what man does on earth causes climate variations (change). In other words, variations in climate have more to do with the myriads of exposures the earth experiences during it’s solar orbital travel and the sun’s various solar and dynamic radiation, including the sun’s solar flares.

When you drive your car from the West Coast to the East Coast; let’s say traveling at 60 miles per hour, how many climate changes or variations would you experience?

Answer: Dozens!

The earth’s orbital path of travel around the sun takes 365 days. One full orbit consumes an astounding 92.9 million miles! So, let me ask you; what would you expect to happen to the earth as it travels 92.9 million miles each year at the precise speed of 67,000 miles per hour?

Doesn’t it make sense that hundreds of weather anomalies, variations and changes would occur to plant earth?

Do you have to be an astrophysicist to understand this?


Just your ability to use your God-given commonsense, which is your best weapon against the governmental propagandists. Trust your mind more than you trust governments and Hollywood, and yes, even your tenured professors!

Nothing can be done to control the earth’s constant and unstoppable force, and climate variations, as it rotates and orbits it’s designed path around our star. Any attempt by government to spin these facts and blame mankind, is an intentional and engineered scheme to control and enslave the masses.

Understanding astronomical fact and how our solar system functions, brings freedom of thought and liberty, as well, disarms the climate change alarmists and governments seeking to control of our economies and lives.

Why believe governmental authorities that have demonstrated and proven to be inept in their ability to govern? Everything that is centralized, beginning from your local HOA, to local, state and federal authorities, seek to divest you and I of our independence and freedom, and amass to themselves unmitigated collective power.

Firstly, they try to enslave and control our thought. Secondly, our free speech. Thirdly, our ability to defend our house and home. Fourthly, our boarders. Fifthly, our healthcare and transportation systems. Finally they centralize our economic engines, destroying the middle and wealthy classes, rendering us all impoverished and fully dependent upon the State.

I can think of no greater damage done to America, and to it’s freedom and future than the seizure of a Free Press. The Press, and now Social Media has become the unelected 4th Branch of Government, and controls the flow of information.

This is precisely why Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin continue their reign of ideological control and advancement, because the “Press” has become the government’s tool of propaganda.

The two major advancements that were primary to begin the progressive erosion of our liberties, was the governmental creation and control of public education, and the implementation to control the Free Press. These two pillars of our society began the slow take over by the Left in the late 19th Century.

The vanguards of a free society is knowledge of history, mathematics/sciences, language/communication and creativity. Also, the journalistic integrity of a Free Press. Our Nation’s watchdog is a free and unfettered press, but was taken out decades ago.

All of the above are significantly advanced and in place. It happened while we were asleep in the light and mesmerised by consumption and technological toys.

“Democracy is indispensable to socialism.” Vladimir Lenin

“The goal of socialism is communism.” Vladimir Lenin

“Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.” Vladimir Lenin

“While the State exists there can be no freedom; when there is freedom there will be no State.” Vladimir Lenin

We are a republic and not a democracy. The climate is in God’s control and not the governments. Do not live in fear, rather be informed and live as Americans who trust in God and not man.

Continue to pay attention — fight against the lies of the Left and protect your liberty against the fear mongers and Socialists.

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