Attention All Rioters – By Thomas Koester

Riot for Truth and not for the lies of those that would destroy America.

The riots you’ve engaged in throughout America’s major cities are not necessarily a battle against President Donald Trump or his supporters. The real battle is for your minds and the corruption of your youth. The riots are merely symptomatic of how far the Leftist and Marxist ideologies have replaced your free thinking and commonsense.

Your minds have been assaulted and your wills, your voices and bodies are under psychological control. You’ve been duped into believing that their “end” is justified, and that you’ll be accepted by taking up their “means.” Don’t you see? They’re appealing to your hurts; to your betrayals; to your brokenness caused by loved ones. They’re penetrating your wounded psyche, so as to impregnate your mind with Marxist ideologies, which become fertilized by your anger, fear and pain, until you explode and rage against society, or any antithetical political person or group.

You must be aware by now that “Free thinking” and “tolerant” Leftist and Marxist people do not exist. Rather, they coddle you and corral you into a groupthink mentality, which is how they mass produce you into a homogenous collective, whereby you become tolerant of each other but intolerant of everyone else. Their expectation and plan is for you to cause division, and that you use your feelings and misguided passions as weapons against neighbors, friends, coworkers and family; those people you’ve once loved. They lurk in the shadows, wooing you into their darkness. They get to keep their tenured positions and ranks as “professors” and “educators,” while you do their dirty work.

Leftist and Marxist ideologies demands the enslavement of your body, soul and mind – freedom of thought and action is an illusion. They’re only after you and your new comrades as the uninformed collective to incite riot, until riots becomes revolution and rioters become revolutionaries.

ANTIFA is not fighting against Fascism, but for it. If you serve the ANTIFA resistance, you’ve become the cloaked and masked soliders of the Fascistic Political Left. You are stooges of chaos, hate, death and destruction. Your costumes have been used by past revolutionaries of failed coup d’etats down through the ages.

ANTIFA leaders and the Political Left instill fear and apocalyptic doom into your psyche, in order that they may channel all your youthful energies towards their goals of societal collapse. You become their puppets all the while creating an illusion that you’re in control. But you are not, you and your comrades are under their power and (man)-ipulation.

The Elitists Cabal has bewitched you into dehumanizing ordinary people as animals, ready to be slaughtered. They have turned you into mechanized-mind-numbed robots, hell-bent on revolution without just cause or logical sense. You are in an alliance of all that is evil against all that is good. They’ve redefined their evil as the “collective good,” so that you may believe their unrighteous intentions are a righteous and worthy cause.

Don’t give into their Incideous puppeteering – they are trying to develop you into an army of puppets, lifeless and mindless, so that you can kill life without remorse. You are being prepped for bloody revolution.

After revolution, the uninformed collective is always murdered off, as the Insidious Cabal, after gaining their power, have no more use for you, and so they kill you to prevent you, as their former revolutionaries from becoming soldiers for a more noble cause against them.

Rioters and Revolutionaries, just stop for a moment, question what you’re doing, and for whom you’re doing it. Please understand that you are losing your humanity and humanness, all for the sake of another man’s revolution and for their madness for power and control.

Just watch the videos of your comrades and fellow rioters, committing assault and battery against fellow citizens, simply for exercising their freedoms, and supporting a candidate of their choice. Honestly, who’s more inhuman, those that riotously beat others and damage private and public property, or those who’ve simply voted their conscience?

You are merely powerless and useful pawns in the eyes of the elitists, and they have no respect towards you, absolutely none at all.

You are not making history, but as their lemmings, you’re destroying it!

Riot for Tuth through the power of love and not hate. Make your life about the Righteous Invasion of Truth, Freedom and Liberty.

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