The Tale of Two Churches – By Thomas Koester

The Early Church

While the First Century Church had it’s challenges, it was mostly devoted towards unity of love, the Word and evangelism; it was One Church, One Gospel, One Spirit and One Baptism. It was unincorporated, organic, relational and Christ-alone hierarchy. It was mobile redemptive communities, spreading and growing exponentially by the Spirit of Grace and authentic gospel power. Whereby, every believer was a participant and not a spectator.

The early church was Apostolic, in that it was a sending and outward reaching movement. It’s power source was the resurrection and it’s message was transformational, not only to one’s life, but to the whole community. The Early Church was validated by miraculous signs and wonders.

The Modern Church

For many modern-day churches, most of everything, including religious practice are more so influenced by Greco-Roman paganism and occult practice. The influence of First Century authentic Christian practice has nearly been neutralized by secular and pagan progressivism. This is why today’s evangelical, fundamental and charismatic [organizations] are nearly ineffectual in propagating a true gospel message and producing true Saints of God. They cannot reproduce in accordance with biblical authority, because they lack authentic spiritual seed [sperma], Greek for the word “seed.” In a metaphorical sense, many modern-day churches have become “GMO,” a Genetically Modified Organization.

The Modern Church has become Dynastic, in that it gathers and reaches inward, within the confines of a building. It is known by its power or influence in numbers. It is a dynasty governed by an elite celebrity class. It’s power source is institutional and collective hierarchy. Validated by street signs and billboards!

The Herodical and Pharisaical leaven has so permeated modern Christianity, along with occult and pagan influences, which require a complete reset rather than a reformat. Therefore, a time may be coming, whereby we must leave the polluted ecclesiastical construct and start from the beginning. Early reformation did not go far enough, and left too much Greco/Romanism and pagan practice in tact.

The Absent Church

I am sorry to say, my dear brothers and sisters, we have entered into, and for quite sometime, a post Christian Era. We have abdicated our biblical authority to political correctness and to a democratic culture rather than an other-worldly Spiritual Kingdom Economy. Our churches therefore are ruled my mass appeal and in-vogue stylistic theologians and fad-mongers.

Authentic biblical truth that could bring deep conviction and godly sorrow has been prohibited in most Sunday morning services, as the majority would up and leave, never to return, which would negatively effect “Church business.”

It is time to make ready and oil up our lamps. Darker days are approaching. The time to cease following false Christs and false teachers is now — the time to cease populating and financing false churches has arrived. If you cannot discern while there is light, what will you do when it becomes dark?

The Triumphant Church

Ready yourselves by reading the scriptures like never before. Strap yourselves into God’s promises. Bolt yourselves down to the foundation of God’s word and be prepared to be shaken until all shakable things have been rooted up and out. Cling to your faith, for it will be tried and refined. Trust in Jesus Christ and by all means, love on another.

Christ Jesus is coming back for a triumphant bride and not a worldly tramp!

We know the end of the story. While it will be a bumpy ride, our triumph is secured in Jesus Christ. He is our victory and he is The Great Shepherd of all who believe and obey the Truth.

Your soul will follow the fate of the Church you attend.

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