The False Prophets of the Political Left – By Thomas Koester

Balaam was an authentic prophet of God. He was a greedy prophet, and Moabite King offered Balaam a great deal of money to curse Moses and the people of Israel.

So Balaam tried several times to curse Moses and God’s people.

Each time Balaam intended to proclaim a curse, he could only bless God’s people. So the King grew tired and fired the prophet of God. Balaam went home defeated and unpaid.

So Balaam thought of a way to curse God’s people. He decided to make a deal with the Moabite King. He told the King that while God prevented him from declaring a curse and instead, only a blessing, he thought of a way to get God’s people to sin. He further explained that God would remove his blessing from his people, making the Israelites vulnerable to attack.

So the Moabite King agreed and sent in his prostitutes and idolators.

The prostitutes slept with the men of Israel, and the women purchased the idols and began worshiping the gods of Moab. God saw from Heaven the sin in the camp of Israel. He removed his blessing of protection and the people began to die.

People, This is what’s happening right now, through Biden’s Executive Orders and the intentions of the House leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. They are getting America to sin again, and for God’s blessings and protection to be removed. They are getting Americans to kill its unborn. The killing of its elderly. Perversion of justice. Protection of pedophiles. Appointment of evil people to political positions. The worship of power. The worship of money. The advancement of Communism and Marxism. The destruction of religious liberties.

In doing this, God’s blessings will be reversed, his protection removed. What we need are Pastors, and Priests like that of Arron’s sons, which acted in zeal and reverence before the Lord. They acted while Moses and Arron were only talking about a solution, rather than doing something. God was therefore pleased with Arron’s son, and so stopped the death of the people of Israel, vanquishing the conspiracy of the King of Moab.

We need to stand against the evil of our day, with great passion and zeal before the Lord. Instead, this past stolen election showed the Lord and the enemies of America that the American people and God’s people do not have the passion and zeal to stop the advancement of evil and darkness. Child pornography. Child Sex trafficking and abortion haven’t caused a scintilla of righteous indignation of God’s people to the point of overwhelming action and response.

We are gutless people, and therefore America will be gutted. Gutted of truth. Gutted of Justice. Gutted of dignity. Gutted of prosperity. Gutted of fairness, and gutted of liberties. God will not be mocked before he allows America to once again become a mockery.

Saints of God, Stand your ground! Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. Become the light of Christ. Be the salt of the earth. Be bold in your faith and obedience to Christ our King.

Patriots, Defend the Constitution. Stand up against tyranny, the cruel and oppressive rule of the Left. Push back against the Progressives. Support your good and righteous representatives of either party.

If we do not stand up for our faith and freedoms, we will surely fall as a Nation.

Do not follow the false prophets of the political left!

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