Courage vs Reluctance – By Thomas Koester

Balaam Son of Beor

My wife, Toni, and I had a short, but great conversation about the subtlety of compromise this morning.

The story of the wayward prophet, Balaam came to my mind from the book of Numbers, Chapters 22-25.

I truly believe this story of how a wayward prophet was able to cause God’s blessing to be removed from the Israelite Nation is so relevant for today.

It is happening right before our eyes!

Some would say, “but this is Old Testament, there’s no contemporary relevance.”

Well, the unfortunate actions of Balaam, son of Beor, is herald, not only in several other Old Testament books, from Numbers to Psalms, and from Psalms to Micah, but also in the New Testament; in 2 Peter 2:15, Jude 1:11, and the Book of Revelations, 2:14.

When prophets, as they are doing today, align themselves with divination, the occult, etc; when they are touted and listened to; when they cause God’s people to act and worship as the pagans do, God’s blessing is removed from our Churches and Nation. Evil will then run rampant.

When we are reluctant to do what honors God, our reluctance is a dishonor to his Name. It’s a dishonor to Jesus!

When we place the pleasure (feelings) of others above the holiness and righteousness of God, we’ll experience his displeasure and disfavor.

God’s favor is on the one, or the many, whose zealous, but humble actions bring honor to his Name, even in the small things.

Take Sydney McLaughlin, for instance, she sets a new world record and wins the gold metal for the USA in the women’s 400-meter hurdles.

“Records come and go, the glory of God is eternal.” and “ I no longer run for self-recognition, but to reflect His perfect will that is already set in stone. I don’t deserve anything. But by grace, through faith, Jesus has given me everything.” Sydney McLaughlin

Do not align yourself to the subtle compromises of others, or the rantings of false prophets, If you do, you’ll share their horrible fate.

Haven’t we compromised far too much as individuals, and especially as a Nation? Haven’t far too many Churches lowered their standards of Godliness and righteousness? Evil runs rampant, but not because evil is powerful, but because we lack the zeal of the Lord. God is all powerful, evil is not. The Church is to be a radiant expression of Christ and not a redundancy of worldly compromise.

It only took one man, named Balaam, a wayward Prophet, to cause a Nation to compromise. It only took one man, Phinehas, son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron, whose zealous act turned away God’s wrath.

Where are the Phinehas’ of our day?

Where are the Sydney McLaughlin’s of our time that without compromise, give glory and honor to God?

“Courage, dear heart…” …defy reluctance!

Inspired by the Book of Numbers, Chapters, 22-25.

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