A True Leader – By Thomas Koester

A true leader is the first to repent, the first to seek forgiveness, the first to rise up after a fall. He is the first to extend grace to others because he’s the first to extend grace to himself. He simply sets a standard that others can achieve without the need for a diploma or a pinstriped suit.

True leadership is in training their own replacement…

A true leader is one who has learned the art of diminishment. He understands that if others are to increase that he must decrease, so he looks for others to promote, rather than himself. He restrains himself from being the source of revelation, but rather helps others find the Source.

He does not set his own life as a standard to follow. He knows his own life is plagued with imperfection and that leaders don’t always do what is right, that is impossible. Rather, his own humility points to the sufficiency found only in Christ and not in himself. He’d rather be clothed in Christ’s humility, than the successful garbs of religiosity.

A true leader refuses to sit on pedestals. He refuses the acclaim and the applause of men. He understands fleshly ascents will lead not only to his demise but to all those who foolishly elevate him.

So, he leads with humility, quiet strength, and fear only reserved for the Lord. The voice and message, which matters most to him are; “well done, my good and faithful servant,” rather than the flattery of men.

Being a leader is becoming a servant and refusing all temptation to be otherwise.

Men and women of these qualities appear rare because humanity always looks in the wrong places for such leaders. This is why the religious leaders and zealots of Jesus’ day, failed to recognize him.

Be careful following the “impeccable,” they may be fake and a phony. Don’t become captivated by their charisma, but rather by their character.

Be loveable and kind fruit inspectors of your leaders, measured only by the Fruits of the Spirit and God’s Word. Be fruit inspectors of your own lives first, otherwise, you’ll end up being miserable to yourself, and a misery to others.

The authenticity of a real person of God and a true leader is who they are after the crowds leave, and what their wife and children see of them when no one’s looking.

A leader is a servant, and a servant is a true leader.

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