Why We Have A Biden/Harris Administration – By Thomas Koester

Kings, Queens, and Presidents are not the people’s choice but God’s choice.

Historical events, like the Biden/Harris presidency, always begin on a spiritual level before we see these things in the physical.

Jesus, knowing the origin of divine governance, taught his disciples to pray in an orderly way:

“…thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it exists in Heaven.” Matthew 6:10

God’s will and purpose always begins in Heaven before it happens here, on earth.

God moves the hearts of Kings, Queens, and Presidents by his own will and counsel. Throughout history, especially biblical history, it was not unusual for God to allow evil rulers to discipline his people and to use them to drive his people back to himself.

Do you think God is pleased with over 34,000 denominations or fractures within Christianity?

The valid but unfortunate question is, why does the Kingdom of Darkness enjoy near-perfect unity while Christianity and conservatism are woefully fragmented?

Wickedness faithfully coalesces around the satanic. But in Christianity, we can’t even agree on the operation and ministry of the Holy Spirit. We are fractured about whether the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are relevant today. We are fractured over the importance of theological intellectualism vs. trusting in the Holy Spirit as Guide and Teacher. We are fractured because many churches have exchanged sound biblical truth for relativism and for wrongfully dividing Scripture into categories of negotiable and non-negotiable truths.

Shouldn’t godly righteousness coalesce around unity in faith, belief, and in sound biblical doctrine? We’re not all listening to and obeying the only Holy Spirit of Truth, if we were, we’d have perfect unity, surpassing that of the wicked.

Furthermore, mainstream Christianity believes that the Kingdom of God and the rule and reign of Jesus Christ are futuristic. What if they are wrong? What if all this time, we’ve rejected the reigning King Jesus within the hearts and minds of his people?

I think the Futurist’s, people that don’t believe in the present Kingdom of Heaven, are why there is such a lack of Christian unity and national righteousness. If you don’t believe in the rule and reign of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, then you’ll willingly subjugate the church to secular democratic rule, and allow the State to reign over the church.

So not only have we insulted the Holy Spirit, but we’ve also said, based on our actions and false beliefs, “This King shall not reign over us!”

“…But his citizens hated him and sent a delegation after him, saying, ‘We will not have this king to reign over us!” Luke 19:14

Christianity, as much, if not more so than Republicanism, is overrun and overruled by elitism and infiltrated with secular minded progressives. This is not by accident but by satanic design.

The corruption of Christianity and our lack of unity can be boiled down to unfaithfulness to God and Scripture and to the ill-treatment of the person and role of the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, our worship of the anointing rather than to whom the Anointer points, has caused many to fall into the worship of demons.

All of this is why our country, and for that matter, all free nations, fall under Marxist-Socialism.

Christianity has willingly abdicated most of its authority and mission to the State in exchange for a 501(c)(3), tax break.

Is it possible that God just might be allowing a Biden/Harris administration to expose the false Church and to accentuate the purity and honor of His true Church?

You can be sure that God’s plan is to restore, although he may tear down first.

As Jill Phillips, a singer-songwriter has penned in her song, “Wrecking Ball,”

“…God is both the builder and the wrecking ball.”

And this may be why we have a Biden/Harris administration.

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