God Is Live Right Now – By Thomas Koester

“Did you know that God is wirelessly available this very moment, with unmatched bandwidth from Heaven’s Throne?

God has infinitely more knowledge than Alexa. He has more wisdom than Siri…”

God does desire your worship of him, but worship is not an end in itself; it’s not the pinnacle of what you have to give the Eternal Lover of your soul. He’s after your heart. Your heart is what he wants from you. For without it, your worship is empty and unpleasing to him.

God is not happy with only raised hands, bowed heads, and pretty choruses — he’s not impressed with your Sunday’s best, and part-time devotion!

He’s poured out all his pent up wrath against sin on His very own Son, so that he can pour out all his love on you. He’s found a way to make you his very own and desires to be the sole occupant of your heart. He wants your desire to match his Son’s desire to be in him, so that together, Father and Son may dwell in you!

What will it take for you to cut out and remove what is useless and self-destructive to your precious heart and soul?

Is not your life hard enough, empty enough, lonely enough that you’ll go on without God?

You want all these things; all the answered prayers and open doors, but are you really pursuing God, or simply what you want from him?

He’s not behind the doors for which you so wearily push against; earnestly seeking safety, comfort, and security. He’s not playing hide and seek with you, he wants to be found as your One and Only Lover and Everlasting Father.

Only in returning to him, will you find everything you are truly seeking and desiring.

Pray to receive him. Climb over every obstacle to find Him, and not what your flesh cries out for, which by the way are only temporal remedies of an eternal desire. God’s promise is that he will be found, if you seek him and him alone with your whole heart.

But perhaps you haven’t done so, at least not with all your heart and strength, or else this note you’re reading wouldn’t be speaking so deeply to you. To honestly and sincerely turn towards God, is my dear friend the only change and the most important decision that you must make at this moment – at this very second.

All other passions, concerns and worries must be trained on the heart of your fierce Lover and only Healer of your heart and soul. All other methods are simply medicating you. Worldly tips and techniques are not healing you, but masking the pain. “Time does [not] heal all wounds,” God does! God wants you restored and made whole, not medicated.

You want to talk about hands-free devices?

Did you know that God is wirelessly available this very moment with unmatched bandwidth from Heaven’s Throne?

God has infinitely more knowledge than Alexa. He has more wisdom than Siri. We 21st Century Christians are so distracted, not with idols made of wood and stone, but with artificial intelligence (A.I.)!

We crave Idols that talk back, that hear our every word; that answers our immediate questions. Yet the God of Creation, the very One who knows you by name, has counted every strand of your hair and has collected, like diamonds and precious jewels, every tear you’ve shed, is waiting patiently for your devotion and your “signing in.”

He has far greater connections than LinkedIn and has more excellent opportunities than Ziprecruiter. He wants more than your market share and algorithms — He wants all of you; body, mind, and soul, but especially your whole heart.

God can fill your heart and soul, but the Internet, well, it leaves holes in your heart and never, absolutely never fills your heart as God can. The internet is designed to keep you empty, shallow, and alone, causing you to need and crave things more and more.

God is not after your money. He’s not marketing you — He’s trying to love you as you’ve never been loved before. He wants to update and download into the center of your being and fill your memory with images of Heaven that you’ll never find on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter.

Did I mention how much I needed to hear this?

My name is Thomas Koester, and I’m addicted to A.I. too. I need, more than I’d like to admit, the words I’ve written in this article. I, too, am convicted!

Close this post. Log off Facebook. Shut down your devices. Lower the lights and open your heart to God. Log into Heaven’s Throne, and tune into His presence, scroll up to His homepage so that you may truly see and understand. God is far more exciting than Tik Tok. He has exceedingly more to offer than Amazon, eBay, or Costco!

God is live right now, and his live feed is where you’ll find real life and all that you’ve been longing for…

…I’m signing in.

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