Get Your House In Order – By Thomas Koester

Sweep out all that is unnecessary, as there will be an inspection.

Every generation before us has been born into its own mediocrity and narcissism.

We must be the generation that breaks this cycle. We can no longer be bored with complacency or be distracted by consumerism. We must shake off the Corporate Mongrals that only see us as algorithms. We must deny them their marketing strategies of profiting from our blood and sweat.

We must break free from the enslavement of debt and instead learn to be independent and live with less so that we can become more. They don’t want us to become more, their power is in our becoming less human and woefully dependent.

Our greatest hour is quickly approaching — if we are to be the greatest generation, we must wake up from apathy. The ending of our way of living will require more from us than at its beginning. You will become either an Overcomer or a Deceiver. If you cling to the junk in your life you’ll fall prey to their trickery and deception.

It will be much easier in the darkness as an Overcomer. The Truth already blinds a Deceiver; light or darkness means nothing; he’s lost. Overcomers do not stumble in dark times; they are surefooted because Truth guides them and lights up their path.

Overcome your obstacles now. Later won’t afford you the time to untangle your bad choices. Correct decisions matter now more than at any other time in American history.

Get your house in order. It will be helpful for you and others that you are clearheaded and not a cluttered mess. In the coming months, you’ll need to act decisively and with purpose. Timing will be crucial and maybe the determinant factor of your survival.

Pray for wisdom, the kind of wisdom that only God the Father can give. You’ll need it to discern right from wrong, and to avoid the great delusion that is coming and is already here being broadcasted over the airwaves and internet.

We’re headed into a time when sight won’t matter. Faith must become your eyes. Trusting in God’s Word and His promises will be the only surety left.

You might not be aware, but America has gone bye-bye.

Don’t rely on politics or politicians — We went from a Representative Republic to a Democracy and now to a Communist State, while you had your faces buried in your smartphones.

And now, for a few recommendations:

Belief In the empty tomb will surely strengthen you during the time of empty banks.

Sweep out all that is unnecessary, as there will be an inspection. God wants you to be sharp, sure, and confident when the collapse begins.

So, get your body, mind, and heart in order, and not just your financial affairs. Unbelievers and doubters are going to need you clearheaded and hopeful.

America is soon to become either Америка or 美国这个名字 or perhaps both.

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