Not A Shot Was Fired – By Thomas Koester

Have we so easily forgotten the miracle of our liberty and the price for which it was won?

Whether you realize it or not, we are in a bulletless revolution.

Did you know that our liberty is directly tied to our economy?

“He who controls the money, controls the world.” — Henry Kissinger

The W.H.O. the C.D.C. and the Federal Bureaucrats, along with Corporate Mongrels got their teeth into the heart of our Great Nation. Rogue governors, mayors, and District Attorneys are destroying the rule of law and justice.

The Blue States and Blue cities wouldn’t release the masses to go back to work until they caused irreversible financial damage and civil unrest. But hey, they’ll release murderers, rapists, thugs, and thieves!

The Oil Barrons are involved too. Our crude oil dependency must also be destroyed, according to them. So they’ll raise the price of crude until we can’t afford to drive our vehicles. They’ll even sabotage the Petrol-Dollar just to create Hyper Inflation here in America and abroad.

Their lust for power and financial gain, all willingly granted to them by the scared masses, in exchange for the people’s security and safety.

‘Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.’ — Benjamin Franklin

The perfect trifecta is happening: Destroy health, wealth, and our monetary system and capitalism will collapse. The Leftest has avoided a bloody revolution by using the over-sensationalized and politicized COVID-19 virus and the creation of a digitized currency to be controlled by a centralized Federal Banking System, which will be known as the Federal CBDC.

All of us have proven to the world rulers how easily we gave up our liberties, and how willingly we allowed them to disregard our Constitution and Bill of Rights. All for the avoidance of a virus that has been present among us during every flu season. They just picked the COVID-19 virus to scare us all into submission.

The “pandemic” was the dress rehearsal, preparing us for the next emergency, the ruination of our currency. And, yes, the federal government will step in and save the day, because that’s what they do.

“We create the chaos and then we move in and capitalize on that chaos.”

At first, you’ll love all the incentives they’ll provide so you’ll give up your dollars, your gold, and silver in exchange for a fiat digital currency that you can’t see, hold, or feel. “You’ll own nothing and be happy,” as the World Economic Forum puts it.

Our foolish COVID compliance was the “test-run” that showed those in power how easily it was to control our lives and suspend our liberties. The crisis of that most dreadful hour has insured the powerful that any hyped-up crisis can be a useful tool against useful idiots.

Big Pharma, Hollywood, Big Tech, and politicians told us all to get injected with a vaccine cocktail. These are the very people that argue for population control, pro abortion, and euthanasia; they are the main purveyors of The Green New Deal, and a Global Economic Reset.

Now, their new operation is called “Operation Icebreaker.”

“Project Icebreaker is unique in its proposition. It first allows central banks to have almost full autonomy in designing a domestic retail CBDC.”

President Biden signed and Executive Order No.14067, back on March 9, 2022:

In part, “The Order calls for interagency coordination to implement the Order, and it articulates the “highest urgency” to research and develop the design and deployment of a United States Central Bank Digital Currency (“CBDC”) that is consistent with the priorities outlined in the Order, to ensure the global financial system has appropriate transparency.”

It is likely that the up and coming Great Financial Collapse of 2023 will give the current administration the cover they’ll need to steel the 2024 presidential elections.

“Buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy,” cause America, well, it might be going bye-bye!

I think not, and I hope you do also.

Are we a nation of sheep and cattle? Have we so easily forgotten the miracle of our liberty and the price for which it was won?

Liberty first won and then lost is far costlier to gain back, as those that have taken it, keenly understand the significance of their long-awaited victory.

Will the America we love be lost without a shot fired?

The answer may be an unfortunate, yes. You can’t shoot an enemy that you can not see.

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