Your Fake Faith Won’t Save You From a Real Hell – A Dire Warning To The Hyper Spiritualists & Charismatic Pagans – By Thomas Koester

Give me a break, you false prognosticators and fake prophets.

How arrogant to announce that the Coronavirus is a sign that we’re entering into “The Great Tribulation,” when the middle East, Asia and much of Africa has been experiencing tremendous and overwhelming tribulation for the past decade.

How about the Christians in North and East Africa, and including South Africa that are beaten, terrorized, robbed and beheaded?

How about the Christians in many Middle Eastern Nations, also being martyred by all sorts of treachery and murderous rampage?

How about the Christians murdered by Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong and Che Guevara?

Western Christianity dosen’t deserve, or attract real tribulation, because it’s Christians do not act like true Christ followers, and are preoccupied with religious progressivism, cheap grace and a watered down Gospel. Be careful what you call tribulation, it just might be God’s righteous judgment against the fakery of Western Christianity.

Western Christianity is not in the same class as our brothers and sisters all over the world, suffering because of their fiery passion and fearless loyalty to Christ Jesus.

Tribulation comes to those that practice true holiness and devotion to Jesus Christ and not to the spiritually flamboyance of charismatic-paganism and hyper-spiritualism.

You are not worthy of tribulation, nor the Devil’s time. You may think you’re honoring God, but you’ve been worshiping demons, and being intoxicated by their seductive allure to your mind, will and emotions.

You are “The I Feel Crowd,” constantly seeking new feelings and spiritual experiences that have nothing to do with Heaven; with the Holy Scriptures, authentic faith and real salvation.

The Devil is not a bit concerned about your fake faith and lust for gifts and miracles. He doesn’t care about your phoney worship services, or your “special revelations.”


Because you’re performing his gigs.

You’re no threat to the Kingdom of Darkness, and the Devil, and, well he’s absolutely fine with that. “Any friend of the World,” says the Devil, “is a friend of mine.”

You see, you’re either a fan of the Devil’s, or a follower of Jesus Christ. It’s the Devil that’s after a fan base. Jesus, well, he told the Devil a firm “No,” when he offered him the kingdoms of the world, if he’d only bow down and worship him.

So, don’t tell us that we’re at the beginning of The Great Tribulation; nope, you’ve got it wrong! We’re in the beginning of The Great Falling Away, and you’re leading Mainstream Christianity right over the cliff, all the while singing “love songs.”

Let me ask you an honest question…

Are you a Fan, or are you a follower?

Turn to the real and only Saviour, Christ Jesus, cause your fake faith won’t save you from a real hell!

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