God Reveals Himself In Our Suffering – By Thomas Koester

Sift through the things you are suffering, look for the nuggets of God’s presence

In the past, I have endured long days and even longer nights during physical and mental pain. I have written more and have done a great deal of editing on articles that I’ve written about pain and suffering. Each time I do, more memories and tears bubble up. But these are good tears because what was once tragic and painful is now becoming more of a blessing.

So, I’ve added more stories and more insight. It’s been the moments of reflection and remembering, coupled with new clarity, revealing the fingerprints and mastery of a loving Father-Hearted God. He took all my days of good and evil and is progressively revealing his artistry through all of it.

His color palette contains far more colors than “black and white,” which many cold and lifeless religions preach. He is an unlimited God, with colors of an eternal spectrum, yet to be discovered, and He’s a deeply intimate God, motivated with an ever-expanding Father-heart. His heart is filled with grace and wisdom. His love utterly humbles me, and, if you can believe it, speechless at His unconditional Grace and Mercy towards even a guy like me.

Thank you all for your prayers and kindness during my times of pain and suffering. I genuinely hope and pray that whatever you may be battling or struggling through that it too is woven into something beautiful, no matter how difficult or painful it may be. The more difficult your life may be — the more impossible for a solution or cure, the more grace will appear; for our God loves, absolutely loves to come through!

So then, in our weaknesses and fragility, we can boast all the more about God’s grace and that we’re co-siblings with The Great Overcomer, Jesus Christ. We are children of The Father-hearted God. We are vastly wealthy and greatly loved!

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” – 1 Thess 5:18.

So, notify your soul and your face too and show the world how great our God is, everywhere; from our sick beds to our busy offices and lives; from our living rooms to the dressing rooms of Macy’s and Kohl’s; in every shopping line, and especially at Walmart, For our God is a great God! He is worthy of our praise in all circumstances.

Just like panning for gold, sifting through sand and pebbles, sift through the things you are suffering, look for the nuggets of God’s presence during your pain and suffering. He is near the brokenhearted, the imprisoned, the poor, and those held in captivity.

He was with Betsie and Corrie ten Boom.

Betsie and Corrie ten Boom spent time in notorious Ravensbrück Concentration Camp north of Berlin for hiding Jews in their home during the Nazi occupation of Holland.

One of their greatest discoveries during their captivity was their thankfulness for the horrid flea infestation inside their barracks and in their bunks. God sent the fleas to keep out their Nazi oppressors, keeping them all safe from rape and torture.

God will reveal himself during our infamous days of suffering. Just like he did for Betsie and Corrie. We just need to train our minds and hearts on Him, just like a gold-panner, searching for the elusive nugget.

I can promise you this; His presence is more precious than gold, and he isn’t hidden or elusive; he wants to be found.

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