The Magician’s Greatest Trick – By Thomas Koester

The destruction is always in the distraction.

The goal of any magician is to get you to focus so closely on their distraction that you will be oblivious to their sleight of hand.

Even though our eyes were focused and wide open during the show, we’re left with the feeling of bewilderment and amazement. The sleight of hand was, therefore, successful.

Sadly, we, the American people, or, at least 50% of us, have been thoroughly duped during the early morning hours of November 4, 2020. If the election results were indeed the greatest magician’s trick of all times, then one must ask the serious questions, for what purpose, and to what end?

Since November of 2020, there has been one trick after another. Every single trick was deployed to cover the grand magician’s masterful illusion of the disappearing of millions of votes.

What does this mean? It means that we are in a police state. It may not look like North Korea, but we’re there, the past 3 years were a dress rehearsal. The world in which you see, hear, taste, and feel is mostly a charade. All these crises in the news, they were planned, produced, directed, and well acted.

Their next act is to make assault [all] weapons to disappear. If they can make millions of votes disappear can they not do the same with our weapons?

Is your 401K vanishing? How about affordable groceries, are they too disappearing? How about baby formula?  Affordable fuel? The tricks just keep coming, folks.

In just six months, Twenty-four food processing plants throughout the country, poof, gone up in a puff of smoke!

Heck, even eggs are disappearing!

“A late-night fire on May 29, 2022, at a commercial egg farm likely left thousands of chickens dead Saturday night near Cokato, Minnesota. Two hundred thousand dead chickens were discovered inside the burned structure. This plant produced 3 million eggs per day.”

Hey, but don’t worry, Ole Uncle Joe said, “were in the best economic recovery in forty years.” “Come on man, inflation is Putin’s fault.”

Everything on the TV, Cable, and Social Media is nothing more than a ruse. We should be more focused on what’s not being said than what “they” are saying.

What is emerging from behind the their evil show’s curtain is hideous and sinister, beyond imagination. Now we’re beginning to see just how deep this network of social, political control, and espionage has gone.

The Globalist has been organizing itself and now is in position, fully manned and fully armed. They know who the dissenters and the detractors are; they know their targets. It is not Islamic Terrorists but the average conservative patriot, who is now, by their definition, “The New Domestic Terrorist.” Yep, even well-informed parents are considered domestic terrorists!

They are begging for the American people to rise up, so they can blame the True Freedom and Liberty loving people for the burning of our once Great Republic.

I agree with the late Rush Limbaugh, the Coup de ta has already taken place and we’ve lost complete control of [our] government and all media outlets. Our children’s schools have already become re-education day camps. Our treasury has already been taken over by madmen and madwomen. Our major corporations have joined the Leftist Elites. Every sector of our federal bureaucrat agencies has become espionage outposts for this regime and administration.

The most private and personal issue of every citizen, legal or not, is our health care, and this has been placed in care, custody and control of the same Federal Government and enforced by the IRS. Had we all not acted like sheep, we wouldn’t be in this terrible mess!

So, stop thinking that our President is just a clumsy oldman and our Vice President, just a ditsy, unqualified woman. They are exactly as they were chosen to be. They are simply placeholders. For the moment, these two nitwits are the coverband playing the Left’s repertoire of greatest failed hits.

They’ll keep it up until large enough sector of the populace rises up so they can bring down the top. Then their revolution will begin.

For the Christian, your time of testing is about to begin.

For the Atheist, your time of believing in God is about to arrive.

To the Unbeliever, your time of doubting will soon be over.

The Liberal is about to become Conservative.

The Uninformed Voter is about to become informed.

The Socialists will soon be dancing in the streets.

The Communists will soon begin their kidnappings and arrests.

And the regime will kill many of us, especially the useful idiots, the fools, which promoted and pontificated their agenda in our schools, colleges, universities, local governments, and news media agencies.

The many must be executed until all those left are the feeble of mind and weak of heart.

This is not new – it’s happened repeatedly throughout history. But you don’t know this because you were too focused on the magician’s distraction…

…and now, you’re dead!


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