The Great Reversal – By Thomas Koester

Fascism is the absence of common sense and is designed to exploit common decency until the indecent rules everything.

Passivity is the unfortunate welcome mat that always leads to personal and national disaster.

Real men flourish when they battle the evil of their time. Doing nothing destroys the masculine soul. Men, at all cost, avoid passivity!

While many women are speaking out against men invading femininity, where are the men speaking out against the transitioning of boys and men into women? Where is your voice against women becoming men?

If nothing is said; if men shy away from defending traditional masculinity, fatherhood, and brotherhood, culture and society will reverse into the abominable.

The abominable cannot reproduce sons and daughters, rather they can only corrupt and convert your sons and your daughters to their ideology. Once the abominable reversal takes root, it will be irreversible.

Sadly, though, we have entered into a new era called:

“The Great Reversal”

That is, all that was once true is now false and what was once false has become “true.” This Great Reversal is an engineered social-political and philosophical machine designed to destroy traditional values, and its purpose is to eliminate all value centers, including: marriage, family, fatherhood, gender, and any religious organization that denies the “new social norm.”

Your only antidote is to focus your heart and mind to Jesus Christ, who is the only Eternal and Unchanging Truth of God. Seek him while he can be found and before his Truth is outlawed. The outlawing of all that speaks and promotes truth is happening all around us. Instead of Truth, untruth is promoted to our children in their schools, colleges, universities, in cable networks, Hollywood, and the Worldwide Web.

Canada is also going through a fierce assault on truth and reality. Which leads my to ask, where will you go if we lose America?

This great reversal is creating a fascistic society here in America. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Those who are accusing America as being fascist, are themselves the fascists, all the while ignorant about fascism.

Fascism is the absence of common sense and is designed to exploit common decency until the indecent rules everything.

Do not become an agent for the Great Reversal, uphold truth even if it’s unpopular. Speaking out may cause you to lose your job, friends, and family members. But the alternative is far worse, worse for you, your children, and your children’s children.

Understand the times in which you live.

Passivity is the unfortunate welcome mat that always leads to disaster.

There my be a time coming, whereby fighting for truth may cost more than your reputation.

Will you fight?

Real men flourish when they battle the evil of their time. Doing nothing destroys the masculine soul and any Nation.

There was a time in history whereby most men, young, and middle-aged, clamored to join the armed forces to battle European communism, and again against North Korea, and then once more in Vietnam and Laos.

Men, do you not see that communism is already here, now, and all around you?

It didn’t arrive as a mechanized army, with planes, helicopters, and tanks in our air or on our beaches; it quietly arrived in our institutions, schools, colleges, universities, and yes, even in many so-called churches. It’s taken over our halls of congress, the Whitehouse, American corporations, and the entire TV and Cable news broadcast industry.

We won’t be fighting the Chinese, North Koreans, and Russians, we’ll be fighting fellow Americans that have sold their minds to communistic professors and educators, that turned your children into their homegrown revolutionaries! Heck, many of you even paid the tuition towards the demise of your own offspring!

But you didn’t notice the takeover, because you chose to be silent, passive, and tolerant during the rise of The Great Reversal.

The push to reverse what we see, hear, and say is to force or trick us into denying the present reality. If we allow this to continue reality will turn into hell.

Who is the author of the Great Reversal?

It is the ancient Father of Lies. He’s famous for twisting the truth. He began in the Halls of Heaven, being cast down to earth, where he’s been deceiving mankind over and over again, beginning in Eden. Now, and over the past 130 years, his dark regime has been progressively destroying our values, and replacing them with the satanic.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

The definition of “woe” is: 1. a condition of deep suffering from misfortune, affliction, or grief, or 2. ruinous trouble, calamity, tragedy.

Boycotting is not enough to stop the Great Reversal. We all must find our voices and in unison shout, NO! Not today, tomorrow, or ever!

Faith In The Fiery Furnace – By Thomas Koester

Is your faith ready for the fiery furnace?

“If our God, whom we honor, can save us from a blazing furnace and from your power, he will, Your Majesty. But if he doesn’t, you should know, Your Majesty, we’ll never honor your gods or worship the gold statue that you set up.” Daniel 3:17-18

As the banks fail, global economies collapse, and protests around the world turn into violence; we believers everywhere must cling to God and His Word and never cease from honoring our God. We must resist men who threaten to seize control over our lives and who are progressively replacing the God whom we worship, with false gods and ideologies increasingly infesting our sacred institutions.

We will never bow to a false president, nor accept fraudulent elections. We will not honor any decrees which dishonor God or the sanctity of life. We will never worship the government or live by every word from the mouth of Washington DC.

We refuse to listen to fakers and thieves, whether in Church or government, cable news, or podcasts.

So, even if our God delays, our most sincere prayers and longing for a New Heaven and a New Earth, we’ll never honor false gods or fake news broadcasts, nor will we honor their czar-gods, or worship “the golden woke programming” that they continue to force us to watch.

Why? Because the Church will be too busy caring for the lost and reaching them in the four corners of this darkening world.

Rise O’ Bride of Christ, your finest hour has dawned this year of tragedy, our window of opportunity to exploit the last rays of freedom’s daylight is closing. Otherwise, the day of our persecution and times of trouble spoken about in the Scriptures will soon provide the contrast which should have been there all along.

Our listening to glorious Sunday morning messages, talk radio; Christian branding, and marketing of worldly delights have forfeited the grace and culture that could have been ours. We’ve lost our Nation not because we adhered to our Christianity, but because we did not preach its redemptive messages outside of our pretty Church buildings and corporate structures.

We’re losing our Nation not because we’ve not read enough Christian authors, or followed each crazed Christian fad, but rather because we chose passivity and embellished ourselves on “Turkish Delights” of Worldliness, and gazed too long at the bewitchment of the Queen of Goodies and new Technologies. (For which, I too am guilty).

Because we used our freedom to form and fashion false gods of tolerance, gods of laughs and giggles; thumbs up, and “Likes” to our sins and compromises. So we branded our Golden Calf with the name “Yahweh” to ease our guilty consciences and silence the voice of God’s whispering Holy Spirit of repentance.

Our Nation’s ruin is not our failed politics, or lack of political might, but rather our refusal to preach the Gospel of a better order, and of an eternal and expanding Kingdom. A Kingdom led by the King of kings, Lord of lords, and the Presidents of presidents, that is Jesus Christ, The Righteousness of God!

But there is still Hope. And, the God of all hopes dwells within you. The time is NOW to declare the Hope which is inside of you. For how can it be hope unless you speak it out to the hopeless and the hope-lost?

Put down the false gods of our age, and thus brighten the future of America. Our liberty was won by people whose God is the Lord.

Get your faith and houses in order. Decide now, not later what you will do when the world crashes around you.

“Fear nothing—not wild wolves in the night,
not flying arrows in the day,
Not disease that prowls through the darkness,
not disaster that erupts at high noon.
Even though others succumb all around,
drop like flies right and left,
no harm will even graze you.” Psalms 91:5-7

Whether God does or does not come through for us and our nation, we will never cease from honoring our God.

President Biden, you may be destroying our Great Nation, besmirching America’s great name among the Nations, robbing our liberties, destroying our securities, and devaluing our properties.

But, Mr. President, you should know this; as you darken America, even to the point of collapse, we’ll never honor your gods or worship the golden statute of wokeism that you set up. We will never turn our backs against the Lord God All Mighty, Maker and Redeemer of Heaven and Earth!

Face the coming fiery trials like Daniel and as his friends did. Obey God. Defy the false gods. Stand firm in your faith. Be courageous! Amen

Your Hour Has Come – Time To Wake Up Your Faith – By Thomas Koester

Misery and slavery are certain for those who ignore the warnings

I will post and repost this article until enough of us wake up to reality.

There is no doubt that we’re living in the time of Joseph and Elijah. A time when it’s wise to gather and store. A time when it’s wise to trust the Lord for ravens and hidden streams.

Gather for your friends and family. Gather to be in a position to give and provide. Trust the Lord to guide you and marshal unexpected resources that He sends. Move closer to the Lord than ever before, and be ready to tap into His presence for strength.

Be ready to let go of life as you know it, and cling to the Lord as never before. Bolt yourselves to God’s Word. Anchor yourselves to God’s promises. Dig deep into the Holy Spirit. Train your hearing on the voice of your Shepherd. Discern and obey God’s commands.

The Years 2020 and 2021 were dress rehearsals for what lies ahead in the remaining months of 2023. A “Great Economic Reset” is coming and it won’t be pleasant. The rumblings began in our financial institutions at the close of 2022, and fissures are now undeniable present throughout domestic and international banking.

Government is not your God. The Feds are not your Lord. The Network News Agency isn’t the Holy Spirit. Stop acting as though they are!

Turn back to The Lord God Almighty!

Prepare and train yourselves for endurance. Ready yourselves and your families to do with little and live without. Your value was never in what you owned or in your career. Your value and worth are your identity as a child of The Most High God and not as a son or daughter of this world.

Remember, our warfare is not against flesh and blood. Our enemy is unseen and entrenched in high powers and principalities. Therefore, remember to whom you belong and the might and majesty of our God. Saints of God, stand firm in your calling. Heroes of our Faith are watching. Angels are positioning. Demons are strategizing. Something is breaking out.

Remember, you’re on the winning team, no matter what you see or hear. God is well pleased with His sons and daughters. Act like it and know it to the core of your being, deep within your heart. They will try to demoralize, defame, and demonize us. Many will doubt and fall prey to their wicked schemes.

Protect your minds with the Helmet of Salvation. Guard your hearts with the Breastplate of Righteousness; wear the Belt of Truth firmly; take up your position with the Shield of Faith, and your feet dressed with the Readiness and Power of the Gospel. Grip tightly the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God! Ephesians 6: 10-17

Stand firm and sure in your faith.

Jesus never promised safety and security; rather, he said;

“For if you want to save your own life, you will lose it; but if you lose your life for my sake, you will find it.” Matthew 16:25

…You will soon learn what this means.

Your belief in the empty tomb will help you during the time of empty banks. Memorize that!

You were not saved for an easy life but were chosen and equipped to become Saints. The world will soon be paying attention to those whose God is the Lord. Let the Daniels, the Josephs, and Elijahs of our time rise up!

Evil is rapidly burgeoning beyond belief and it must be met with unyielding devotion and allegiance to God.

Wake up your faith ~ you’ll not survive without it!

The World Without Light & The Enchanted Chair – By Thomas Koester

Somebody hit the dimmer switch in the Church on the hill, and I think we all know who that “somebody” is.

“Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” 1 John 2:15

…And so, for worldly lovers, it’s lights out!

The light of the Gospel shining brightly from your inner life, fueled by a fierce, unquenchable love for God and others; filtered through your brokenness, will displace enough darkness for the blind to see.

I’m not speaking of physical blindness, mind you, but that of spiritual blindness.

“In whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine to them.” 2 Corinthians 4:4

“Although your people live in darkness, they will see a bright light. Although they live in the shadow of death, a light will shine on them.” – Matthew 4:16

We who call ourselves by God’s name must shine like beacons as the daylight is dimming and darkness is coming.

“You are to live clean, innocent lives as children of God in a dark world full of people who are crooked and stubborn. Shine out among them like beacon lights…” – Philippians 2:15

Can a Nation be darkened in a day? Can the brightly lit torch of freedom be snuffed out without notice?

Yes, it happened while we were asleep in the light. All the while, consuming “Turkish Delights” and worshiping false gods and false teachers, while sitting in enchanted chairs of passivity.

In the sixth book of C.S. Lewis’, The Chronicles of Narnia, titled, “Silver Chair,” the witch had placed a curse on the silver chair, so that when anyone sat on the chair they’d fall under the chair’s enchantment.

The Silver Chair was a magical device constructed by the Queen of Underland (also known as the Lady of the Green Kirtle), designed to keep Prince Rilian bound to a cursed enchantment…

“Every night, Rilian was sat down on the chair to renew the manipulative magic. It made him susceptible to the witch’s lies, and caused him to forget who he truly was.”

I think this is what’s happened to much of Western Christianity; we’ve become enchanted by worldliness, which has made us susceptible to the devil’s lies, and so, have forgotten who we truly are. And our forgettablness has ushered the world into darkness.

The Church was never to be about the “church,” but about Christ for the Nations, burning brightly as the light of God’s love and power over darkness. We were never meant to be bound to chairs, orbiting cathedrals, separated by a great divide between the clergy and the laity.

We’ve lost our place of influence because we’ve lost our identity and in losing that, weve lost our mission! We have lost our identity because we’ve exchanged our First Love for second-hand worldliness. We have purchased the lie that if we look like the world, the world will come to us. How utterly foolish!

“If you belonged to the world, its people would love you. But you don’t belong to the world. I have chosen you to leave the world behind, and this is why its people hate you.” – John 15:19

Many Churches look so much like the world they have little to offer except a Savior without saving, a Lord without lordship, and a King without a kingdom. Who’d want to follow after that?

Somebody hit the dimmer switch in the Church on the hill, and I think we all know who that “somebody” is.

Our Churches need to do what Motel 6 has successfully done over the decades:

“We’ll leave the light on for you.”

We need to rekindle our first love into a firestorm, recapturing God’s intended glory for the Church and our lives, that is, the glory of Christ alone, and then light up the world again!

The Tale of Two Churches – By Thomas Koester

Your soul will follow the fate of the church you attend. Make sure it’s the true Church.

The Early Church

While the First Century Church had its challenges, it was devoted to unity, brotherly love, the holy scriptures, apostles teaching, prayer, and evangelism. It was One Church, One Gospel, One Spirit, One Baptism, and one Faith. It was an unincorporated, organic, relational, and Christ-alone hierarchy. It was mobile redemptive communities spreading and growing exponentially by the Spirit of Grace and authentic gospel power. Every believer was required to participate and exercise their spiritual gifts.

The early Church was Apostolic, in that it was a sending and outward reaching movement. Churches then had no fanciful or catchy names, no! The name of the Church was the name of the City. The city was their objective and not their mailing address. Its power source was the resurrection and its message was transformational, not only to one’s life but to the whole community. The Early Church was validated by miraculous signs and wonders.

The Modern Church

For many modern-day churches, most of everything, including religious practice, is influenced by Greco-Roman paganism and occult practice. The influence of First Century authentic Christian practice has nearly been vanquished by emotionalism, relativism, universalism, and progressivism. Many charismatic and pentecostal churches have adopted pagan practice and occult ritual.

This is why today’s evangelical, fundamental, and charismatic [organizations] are nearly ineffectual in propagating a true gospel message and producing true Saints of God. They cannot reproduce in accordance with biblical authority, because they lack authentic spiritual seed. In a metaphorical sense, many modern-day churches have become “GMO,” Genetically Modified Organizations.

The Modern Church has become dynastic, whereby it gathers and reaches inward, within the confines of a building. Rarely do these churches raise up pastors, rather they appoint search committees to seek pastors abroad rather than within. Just like businesses do when searching for a new CEO or chairmen.

These corporate structured churches are known for its emphasis on numbers and not disciples. It is a dynasty governed by an elite celebrity class. Its power source is an institutional and collective hierarchy. Validated by street signs and billboards.

The Herodical and Pharisaical leaven has permeated modern Christianity, along with occult and pagan influences, requiring a second and deeper reformation. Therefore, a time may be coming whereby we exit the modern “church” and start from the beginning. The early reformation did not go far enough and left too much Greco/Romanism and pagan practice intact. The gulf between clergy and laity is too wide and impassable. This ministry fissure wasn’t created or caused by Jesus Christ, but by some other force.

The Absent Church

I am sorry to say, my dear brothers and sisters, we have entered into, and for quite some time, a post-Christian Era. We have surrendered our biblical authority to political correctness and a democratic culture rather than an other-worldly Spiritual Kingdom Economy. Our churches, therefore, are ruled by mass appeal and in-vogue stylistic theologians and fad-mongers.

Did you know that there are nearly 38,000 denominations within the Protestant and Evangelical movements?

Without unity of faith, doctrine, and authentic discipleship, Christianity cannot impact culture and society. What we do inside our denominational buildings is powerless to the outside world.

Authentic biblical truth that could bring deep conviction and godly sorrow has been prohibited in most Sunday morning services. That kind of preaching would send the majority out the doors, never to return, which would negatively affect “church business.”

It is time to make ready and oil up our lamps. Darker days are approaching. The time to cease following false Christs and false teachers is now — the time to end populating and financing false churches has arrived. If you cannot discern while there is light, what will you do when it becomes dark?

The Triumphant Church

Ready yourselves by reading the scriptures like never before. Strap yourselves into God’s promises. Bolt yourselves down to the foundation of God’s word and be prepared to be shaken until all shakable things have been rooted up and out. Cling to your faith, for it will be tried and refined. Trust in Jesus Christ and, by all means, love one another.

Jesus is expecting a triumphant Church and not a worldly tramp.

We know the end of the story. While it will be a bumpy ride, our triumph is secured in Jesus Christ. He is our victory and the Great Shepherd of all who believes and obeys the Truth.

Our inner and outer peace comes from a ruling and reigning King. If He is Lord of your life and Church, He reigns within your heart and congregation. He is the Prince of Peace, and He has chosen to expand His rule and peace through you and His Church.

Your soul will follow the fate of the church you attend. Make sure it’s the true Church.

Untapped Spiritual Power of The Resurrection – By Thomas Koester

The Most Powerful Event In All History, The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

It is undeniable that America is in a post-Christian Era. The culture of death and darkness is everywhere. I truly believe the lack of preaching on the single most important event in history has created a vacuum for evil to flourish and death to prevail.

When eternal life is unoffered, uncelebrated, and relatively unknown, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ diminished to a mere annual holiday, overtaken by pagan ritual, the power of the resurrection becomes unknown and untapped.

Target, Walmart, Macy’s, and Hallmark are not to blame for the commercialization of the most powerful event in all human history, this is Christianity’s doing. For they are the arbiters of this most important truth, not department stores!

The sad thing about what this Sunday has become in many churches across America is summed up in one word, “powerless.” Matter of fact, the title Resurrection Day has been replaced with the title ‘Easter Sunday.” The Gospel replaced with Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, colorful baskets, pastel dresses, and shiny shoes.

It’s not the world offering Easter egg hunts. No, it’s thousands and thousands of churches.

In their minds, it’s the ends justifying the means. A marketing strategy, if you will.

However, I see no such market strategies in the Bible, by either prophet or apostle, preacher or evangelist.

“Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live even if he dies, and the one who lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?” John 11:25-26

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central theme of The Gospel!

For Christianity to impact the world and chase the demons and devils of death back onto the shadows, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ must once again become the central theme of The Gospel.

Immediately prior to Jesus’s crucifixion, he appeared as a failure; deserted by his closest followers, deceived by one of his disciples, and rejected by his own people that he came to save. Silent before his accusers, no one spoke on his behalf.

His Father let him suffer a naked and terrible death on a cross. He was buried in a borrowed tomb, which was carefully guarded by nearly a dozen Roman soldiers. He certainly was despised and rejected.

Yet, Christianity finds its roots in the single and most important act:

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“…and if Christ has not been raised from death, then we have nothing to preach and you have nothing to believe.” – 1 Corinthians 15:14

It is the power of Christ’s resurrection, which should both compel and propel churches and not budgets, charismatic preachers, or in-vogue programs, pageants, and parades.

“The apostles testified powerfully to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and God’s great blessing was upon them all.” – Acts 4:33

The focus of a Church living from the roots and foundation of the resurrected Lord of Life is to seek and save the lost rather than a mausoleum of inactive Christians.

To the early Christians and First Century Church, the Resurrection was their main message. For us today its become an annual holiday.

“I want to know Him inside and out. I want to experience the power of His resurrection and join in His suffering, shaped by His death, so that I may arrive safely at the resurrection from the dead.” – Philippians 3:10-11

If you want a vibrant and alive Church, preach the Resurrection of Christ throughout the year.

If you want a dead church, stay with your religious tips and tricks, and keep following those mainstream, so-called Christian fads and fashions. You may get your numbers and budgets, but you’ll have no real spiritual power.

Without real spiritual power, you’ll have no real spiritual fruit.

The Church was founded and propelled by an Outlaw, and today, the Church is held back by its bylaws.

Get back to the message of Resurrection, and not just on once a year on “Easter” Morning.

Preach powerfully the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and God’s great blessing will be upon you all.

The greatest critic and deniers of the resurrection of Christ are not disbelievers and atheists, but those who refuse to preach and live it.

True spiritual success still comes from the most powerful event in all human history…

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“Do you believe this?”

If you did, you’d be full of life and full of power, and no worldly or spiritual force could stop your message.

Tap into it and live it and gain true spiritual power, power the Lost and the Broken are waiting for.

Those Are The Things Worth Believin In – By Thomas Koester

It’s not the type of groom we were at our weddings. That’s the easy part. That day was fanciful, romantic, and ceremonial.

No, it’s the kind of man that we’ve become in the crucible of marriage, and while the ceremony has long since faded, romance and passion are still alive and well. That’s the sign of a good marriage and of a good man. We need more good men and healthy marriages.

A good man brings out the best in his woman. Likewise, a good woman does the same for her man. A marriage becomes ugly when we forget these things.

I love the movie “Secondhand Lions,” staring Robert Duvall. It’s a movie rich with quotable dialog.

“…True love never dies. Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. A man should believe in those things, because those are the things worth believin in.”

True love never dies. It’s certainly true of our faith, isn’t it? Christ’s love for his Bride will never die, neither his love for you, if you believe in those things, and in Him, because, “those things are worth believin in.”

Matter of fact, it’s Christ in us, which makes us into a good man and a good woman. And the trinity of Christ Jesus, a man, and a woman together as one, creates an invincible marriage.

The reason why so many good marriages fail is when one or both walks away from Jesus Christ as the center of their individual lives and the center of their marriage. The reason why the world hates marriage is because it is the physical manifestation of the Holy Trinity. It is a Living example of Christ loving the Church and giving up His life for her, His Bride.

“I’m Hub McCann. I’ve fought in two World Wars and countless smaller ones on three continents. I led thousands of men into battle with everything from horses and swords to artillery and tanks. I’ve seen the headwaters of the Nile, and tribes of natives no white man had ever seen before. I’ve won and lost a dozen fortunes, KILLED MANY MEN and loved only one woman with a passion a FLEA like you could never begin to understand. That’s who I am!” The movie, “Second Hand Lions”

Who are you?

What kind of Man are you?

What kind of woman are you?

When you have no firm identity, you have only weakness against the things out to destroy your love for your wife or husband. You have very little strength to fight the enemy of your relationship with God.

So goes your relationship with God, so goes everything else.

A good and lasting marriage vitally depends on your relationship to God through Jesus Christ. Remember? It’s the three-fold cord, of Christ Jesus, a man, and a woman. That’s your superpower against the enemy of your marriage.

Don’t have the passion of a flea. Have the passion of a ferocious lover, willing to surrender and sacrifice your life for the one whom you love, and for God, the Lover of your soul.

I know that so many of you, even my close friends, have given up on their marriages and on God. You’ve simply just walked away, searching for meaning, significance, and identity. You’ll not find it in another lover, if you never had it with the one you left.

You’ll only find meaning, significance, and identity in God. Not in sex, romance, and one nights. Turn back to Him, and turn back to your First Love.

“These are the things worth believin in.”

So, don’t be a flea brain!

The Blessings of Poverty – Thomas Koester

Today the choice is yours. Go, sell all that you have, give to the poor and you will have riches in heaven.

A few years ago I met a homeless man, named Aaron. Aaron wouldn’t say he was homeless but instead, he’d say he’s houseless. He and his dog were used to living outside and on their own. In other words, Aaron had chosen poverty as his lifestyle. He didn’t yearn for more, but only just enough to get by each new day. He had little to no envy for guys like me or even a desire to acquire more than he could carry in his backpack or bedroll.

Maybe Aaron had chosen a better way. He chose poverty long ago.

As our economy is slipping away, banks failing, and baby formula scarcity, Aaron has learned to live without, while we cling to what we have. Now, he’s watching men like us lose everything. He’s witnessing our agony and hearing our complaining and woes.

For Aaron, he has known no difference and no loss, because he had little investment in the world, and therefore, the world has taken little from him. Amazing! Now, it is Aaron who speaks wisdom. Not necessarily with words, but with his life. He chooses a better way. He’s become, my counselor, cheerleader, and advocate.

Our pain and hardship are not the sharpening of steel or the clanging of iron; it’s not the heated furnace, the violent remaking, reshaping of our lives, but the hand of correction ripping the world out of us.

Why? It is because we are true sons. It is because God is our True Father, and he desires that we live no longer in the World. We stink of worldliness. Our attics, garages, storage rentals, living rooms, game, and family rooms are witnesses of this fact.

We are in it deep. Oh man, does it hurt to watch these things disappear; house-by-house, boat-by-boat, car-by-car, credit-card-by-credit-card; life!?

The World gives, and the World taketh away.

The truth: because we are true sons, and God our True Father, he is choosing for us. We stinketh of the world, we stinketh of “flesh,” and if we truly want the presence of our Father, we must be baptized in the Fire of His Holiness! We must be pure because he is pure.

We must repent of our worldliness, the sooner the better. To chose poverty is a better process than being overcome by poverty. You will like it better.

“If you want to give it all you’ve got,” Jesus replied, “go sell your possessions; give everything to the poor. All your wealth will then be in heaven. Then come follow me.”That was the last thing the young man expected to hear. And so, crest-fallen, he walked away. He was holding on tight to a lot of things, and he couldn’t bear to let go. Matthew 19:21-22 (The Message)

The virtue of poverty is more beautiful, more stunning to Poppa God than the finest fashions the world offers. For through a lesser garment, He can see the radiance of his Son, Jesus, and, therefore, so can the World.

Before, the World could only see the world in our lives. Heaven was at a loss because of the riches we adorned ourselves with, masked the greatest gift a father could bestow, the Glory of the Son. The radiances of Jesus are muted by our worldliness.

We shall soon be better dressed. Poverty is the latest fashion but seldom chosen. Not the poverty of what the world would think. But, the poverty of Christ. The setting aside of all his rights as God, to become a simple man, shows us that simple men can change the world. To confound the Wise. To sap the strength of the Strong. To confuse the Sophisticates. To baffle the Wealthy. To enrage the Religious. To magnify Christ. To point to Heaven. To reveal True Life, Real Living. To unveil True Freedom. To bring us to our True Father.

This world is not our home, never was, and never will be. We’re Evangelical Sojourners. The sooner we evangelize, the sooner we will journey home, our True Home.

“If the walls of your life have boxed you in, then kick the walls down, and make a dance floor!” – You Got To Keep Dancing – By Tim Hansel

Oh, how freeing it is to dance in open spaces. How much more we can see God when our lives are less cluttered with junk? Let’s get changed, let’s dance!

Don’t confuse worldly poverty with spiritual poverty. They are not the same. Those who choose spiritual poverty, are the wealthiest of all. Their investments are held in the security of heaven’s gates. Their wealth will never end and will never know depreciation or recession. It will not rust or wear out. No government shall confiscate it nor tax it.

Even if one were to choose physical poverty, blessed are we, for:

“Blessed (happy, to be envied, and spiritually prosperous–with life-joy and satisfaction in God’s favor and salvation, regardless of their outward conditions) are the poor in spirit (the humble, who rate themselves insignificant), for theirs is the kingdom of heaven!” Matthew 5:3 (Amplified Bible)

“You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you, there is more of God and his rule.” Matthew 5:3 (The Message)

Being needy is the state of poverty, which profits us the most. It is more easily attained by choice, rather than theft, confiscation, or repossession. The former comes by release and opened hands, the latter by ripping, tearing, and white-knuckled gripping.

Why is it “…more blessed to give than receive?” Because in giving, we increase our capacity, we make more room for the kingdom of God within. In receiving, we crowd and burden ourselves with more earthly responsibility and possession. Soon our possessions possess us, and not the Spirit of Christ.

If it all must go, let it go, that we may gain Christ. Only let it be done for love, not for ambition, recognition, title, or position, but simply because of the love of God. Less of me, my wants, desires even hopes and dreams; more of Christ and what pleases him, so that in all of our potential emptiness, we fully contain all of Christ.

Christ was cursed on his own because he chose a better way. He chose not the kingdoms of the world as offered by Satan. Not the leap off the temple heights, to attain a spectacular ministry of men and angels, nor independence by commanding stones to become bread.

Rather Christ chose to live in simplicity, neither owning nor possessing. He chose silence before accusers, seclusion instead of acclaim, prayer instead of food, and sinners instead of the righteous. He accepted the ignominy of the cross, and the poverty of a borrowed tomb, and left justice to his God. In seclusion, angels ministered to him when he was starved, naked, and thirsty.

Brennan Manning, the celebrated lover of God and author, wrote:

“I think moments before Christ gave up his spirit into the embrace of his Father, his Father whispered the following words:

“Come away with me my love, my lovely one come. For you the winter is over and gone, the snow has melted. The cooing of the turtle doves can be heard on the land, the flowers are in bloom. Come away with me my love, my lovely one come. Your face is beautiful your voice is sweet. Come away with me my love, my lovely one come.”

At that exact moment the weary and impoverished son, bloodied and beaten, naked and pierced, inhaled his last and final breath and said; “It is finished!” He hung his head and died. His broken body swept up into the loveliness of his Father.”

Because he chose poverty, he has made us all rich. Because he chose death we now live.

Today the choice is yours. Go, sell all that you have, give to the poor and you will have riches in heaven.

Your retirement is in heaven not here on earth. You may have earned it and saved for it, but there is a higher call, a higher law, and a higher love. Only a few find it, and less than a few stay with it. Those who endure, understand that their reward is not here, but in an eternal kingdom that’s not of this world.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus of Nazareth.

The kind of poverty Jesus is speaking about is seldom understood and even less seldom lived.

According to Jesus, no poverty, no Kingdom. If you have a problem with this, take it up with the King of kings.

The poor in spirit are blessed because they chose wisely.

Be blessed!

Turn Back To God – The Day of Darkness Is Fast Approaching – By Thomas Koester

“Today, if you hear God’s voice, do not harend your heart.”

Our Nation is suffering from terminal cancer, which has metastasized throughout its culture, society, and every sector of government, education, corporations, media, and institutions.

Do you think any president, left or right, or political party can heal her?

If you do, you’re part of the problem, and I think you need a second opinion.

Our Nation is at stage-4 cancer, and very few are on their knees in intercession to our only Healer and Redeemer.

“…So it will be when the LORD begins to heal his people and cure the wounds he gave them.” Isaiah 30:26.

But this promise to heal and restore only comes after the Nation confesses and morns their sins and turns from their wicked ways.

Our Nation and its people are in denial about its moral rot and spiritual decay.

We are crying for just a man, a just political solution to a problem of profound spiritual and moral loss.

However, the True and proven Man, Jesus Christ, the very Son of God, is rejected as our only King and Sovereign, and His Lordship abandoned in exchange for earthbound political might of lessor gods.

There is no man whereby his promises, no matter how lofty and spiritual, can bring about true peace and national redemption.

Only the contrite heart of a broken nation and acknowledgment of our corporate and individual sins as a people will real spiritual change come. Only the True God of Heaven, who’s no politician and whose power and authority are not dependent on the elections or political whims of any people or nation.

The prophets are pleading for repentance and a return to holiness, or all is lost, and our only hope for healing will come from a dark season of judgment.

Prepare yourselves and get your houses and churches in order. We’ve not much time. Those whose God is The Lord and are found on their knees before our Great King will survive.

Our finest hour is upon us, but you’ll only shine in the coming darkness if your heart is right with God and if he is your only God and Savior.

God bless and heal America, but only if we as your people turn from our selfishness and rebellion.

Turn back to God so that our national cancer can be healed.

The All-Encompassing All-Consuming OtherWorldly Life – By Thomas Koester

Full-Time Pastors are no justification for part-time Christianity. Neither is Christianity simply a vocation of the elite and educated clergy.

It is a radically new culture and community; a new way of life and living, it is not a compartmentalized life, whereby God is public on Sundays, but private on Mondays through Saturdays; not an alternate-parallel lifestyle – that is, one foot in Church and one foot in the world. It is an all-consuming, all-encompassing otherworldly life.

True Christianity is so radical, so alien that your only way to survive in it is to suit up in complete faith. Natural laws and physics are without limits and barriers; economy and dominion are infinite and ever-expanding. Sickness and disease are opportunities and victories for growth. For the believer, death is but a brief nap and an instant passageway from a lesser glory to full glory.

However, someone suggested that to reach the world, we must act like the world and, well, that’s backfired!

Somewhere along the way, we’ve become the world, and therefore the world has nothing to see; there’s no contrast. The world is left without a testimony. Jesus himself said before he ascended into heaven:

“When I return, will I find faith on earth?”

Let’s stop our part-time Christianity and make it our full-time life. Let’s not leave our Christian duties and responsibilities to our pastors, but all do the work of ministry.

Doing nothing to very little with our faith stunts our growth as a godly people. Serving others and doing the work of ministry causes us to flourish and reach maturity in the faith.

The world needs grown-up Christians and not another worldly-religious order.

There’s no doubt that tribulation can be a useful tool for the Refiner’s fire; purifying our body, soul, and mind. But, if we reject the Holy Spirit’s conviction of God’s Word, expect all pleasantries to disappear.

Worldly comforts are not a sign of godly favor. No sir — They are an indicator that you may not be a true son or daughter of God. True sons and daughters are purified by the things they suffer. They know it is the hour of chastisement, bringing about true repentance; so rather than pout and complain, they act with dispatch to be renewed and rejoined. They don’t get bogged down with shame, they get lifted with praise!

They become consumed in the life of Christ. He is the reason they triumph through tribulation and suffering. Their suffering is purpose-driven, that is to become closer to Jesus and the all-encompassing, all-consuming, otherworldly life He offers.

Final thought…

Remember, your pastor will not be standing in for you on your behalf at The Judgement Seat of Christ. Nope, it’ll be just you, and what you have, and have not done to the least of one of these.

You’re not saved by your works, but your works validate your faith. Faith without works is dead and works without faith and love is nothing at all.

I challenge you to show off your faith to the unseen world so that the world in which we live will see your faith and believe. Make your Heavenly Father proud, and give him many reasons to say: “Well done, my faithful son or daughter.”

When your faith lights up, it shows off the incomparable brightness and weightiness of God. Because God is all-encompassing and all-consuming, there is no room for worldly compromise.