The Green New Deal & The New Egypt – By Thomas Koester

The Democrat leadership has fallen prey to the false ideals of Socialism and the impossible dream of Utopia. They desire complete Federalization of our economy, of our food, our education, our transportation, our healthcare, our factories; even our basic ability to communicate freely and openly. The impetus of National Socialism in America is The Green New Deal.

This Green New Deal will first ask us for our wages, our properties, our cars, our sons and daughters. When we have nothing more for them to take, they will then come for us. Since in the United States, Socialism cannot excel as an official party, they have infiltrated and infested the Democratic Party, using it as a parasitical host.

There was a similar time in History, whereby an entire group of people became enslaved. It was in Middle East, when a historic famine in Egypt occurred from 1708 BC – 1701 BC. During a seven-year period severe drought struck the region, whereby no grain grew, and water being scarce, livestock suffered, as well as many people.

Prior to this Great Famine of ancient Egypt, Egypt, being The Great Super Power of their day, began storing grains, livestock, food and supplies for seven years before the start of The Great Famine.

Three and one half years into the Great Famine, the desperateness of Hebrew people caused them to move into the land of Egypt. Egypt sold stockpiles of food and commodities to the Hebrews (Israelites), and to their own people. When the Israelites ran out of money, they sold what was left of their starved livestock. When they ran out of livestock, they sold their children into slavery. When they ran out of children, they sold themselves into slavery, so that they might have food, shelter; basic needs and “employment.” Employment soon turned into hard labor, and hard labor turned into the misery of slavery.

Their slavery lasted for 400 years!

The Green New Deal is the New Egypt. If we stand idly by; if we refuse to expose and discredit Socialism, and the Far Left’s agenda to Nationalize and Federalize everything, we will become slaves. We’ll become forcibly dependent on government and the Masters of Deceit and Control. Quantity and quality will become a scarcity. Their madness of redistribution and “equality” will create nothing more than equal misery.

Don’t allow America to slip away. If America falls into Socialism there will be nowhere else to go. As a matter of verifiable and historical fact, Socialism will morph into full blown communism and dictatorial control.

If you’re not shocked about the popularity of the self-admitted Socialist, Berney Sanders, and his influence within culture and politics, you’ve not been paying attention. You cannot ignore the rise of Socialism, nor laugh it off. Socialism is here within our borders, and like the Coronavirus, it’s spreading rapidly throughout our Nation and body-politics.

The Coronavirus’s ability to mutate, and the fact that a carrier can spread the virus, all the while being asymptomatic, makes this virus strain significantly dangerous.

Socialism’s ability to mutate in, and through various leftists ideologies, makes it significantly dangerous. Coupled with sheer ignorance and a lack of historical knowledge, it lurks deep within the psyche of it’s carriers. All the while, being asymptomatic, that is, unaware of the political disease within their minds, they spread like a virus. They are oblivious to the toxicity of Socialism, and therefore are unaware of it’s corrosive affects on freedom and liberty.

Make no mistake. Socialism, and it’s stepchild, Communism has killed as many people, indiscriminately, as did the horrific plaques of yesteryear.

The Green New Deal, is not “New”. It’s The New Egypt of the 21st Century.

Please vote!

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