Attention – Special News Report – Thomas Koester reporting…

Several scrappy fishermen, a tax collector, homeopathic doctor, named Luke, a doubter named Thomas (ouch), and a former Christian persecutor and murderer reached the entire Asia and Mediterranean Region of some eleven million people within a few short years. Under extreme persecution, Roman Army occupied territories and murderous Judaizers (fanatical Jews which persecuted the early Church and Gentile believers from city to city and region to region).

If they can get it done without freedom and guaranteed protections under a Constitution and Bill of Rights, how pleased do you think The Great Sheppard is with the 21st Cemetery Western Crutch? Whoops! I’m sorry, I meant the 21st Century Western Church.

Will the Western Church arise because of a new and sympathetic President, who has promised to defend Christians and Isreal, or simply stay asleep in the light? Jesus Christ not only warned us about the leaven of the Pharisee, but the leaven of Herod also.

What will the Western Church do during the great and New Roaring 20s, and economic boom, and financial growth? Remodel their sanctuaries? expedite their building plans? Stimulate the Gospel, and expedite the Kingdom of God?

2020 is not a time for the Church to relax, but to take hold of the Kingdom of God, and trudge forcefully and prayerfully through apathy and indifference, until we out preform several scrappy fishermen, a tax collector, homeopathic nin, named Luke, a doubter named Thomas (ouch), and a former Christian persecutor and murderer, named Paul.

Maybe Christianity needs a populist movement of scrappy, non seminarian educated believers, to break the control of the religionists elites who seem more concerned about church attendance than with the Kingdom of God’s advancement.

…Maybe Francis Chan is onto something in San Francisco…

…After all, the Kingdom of God is not a democracy and the true Church is not a corporation.

His government and its peace will never end. He will rule with fairness and justice from the throne of his ancestor David for all eternity. The passionate commitment of the LORD of Heaven’s Armies will make this happen! Isaiah 9:7

While the Church waits for the Rapture, the World is missing the Kingdom of Heaven, here and now.

Oh Lord, bring us back to the simplicity and beauty of your Gospel and turn us once again into men and women of great faith and courage like your First Century Apostles. Amen

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