The Intentional Collapsing of America Through Tolerance – By Thomas Koester

There is an unseen force, which has corrupted all seven pillars of our culture and society.
1. God/Absolute Truth/Freedom to Worship.
2. Traditional Family.
3. Morality/Ethics/Rule of Law.
4. Sanctity of all Human Life/Civility.
5. Independent Private Education/Ungoverned Learning.
6. Work Ethic/Entrepreneurial Spirit.
7. Freedom/Liberty/Self-Governance.
It is the progressive spirit and its gradualism, which had accomplished this in a free and opened society by utilizing the same freedoms guaranteed us by God and afforded to us through our Constitution. The single most deadly word which historians will ascribe to the loss of such a Great Nation as ours is “tolerance.”
Tolerance is the perfect atmosphere in which progressivism and gradualism are required in order to corrupt the Seven Pillars of any culture, society or nation, and religious institutions. Once it takes root, it slowly and patiently corrupts each pillar like rust or dry rot slowly and inevitably destroys foundations.
“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalms 11:3
The Spirit of the Age knows this. And, it is the Church, more than any other institution which has permitted this corruption through a single, most basics and simple word called “Love.”
Once we allowed the Spirit of the Age, through our tolerance to exclude from God all other attributes except His divine nature of Love, the World and Spirit of the Age only had to emphasize and exploit the benevolence and tolerance of God to neutralize the Churches obligation and calling. And, we therefore forfeited our mandate of being both the salt and the light of every generation and to every nation.
What will it take in this our Nations most desperate hour?
The Righteous must repent of their own unrighteousness and return to the God of Heaven and Earth and destroy the Golden Calf of the “False Yahweh,”
which we allowed the Spirit of the Age to form in our presence in exchange for worldly relevance.
For who needs to be saved from a loving God? And, what Christian would need to fear such a benevolent and tolerant God?
For God has not changed, His Just and Righteous Wrath and all its fury is being stored up.
Christ Jesus becomes the perfect Lamb of God. The blood of Christ is divine and uncorrupted, and because of the immaculate implantation of the Seed of God into the womb of Mary, a perfect substitute for all mankind was born.
This New Covenant, which God had ordained, expanded the love He had already demonstrated to the people of Israel for centuries past before the birth of Christ. God did not become more loving. His great and amazing love does not trump His other attributes. Rather, God expanded His amazing plan of salvation to all mankind.
“No man can come to the Father except through me,” said Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is the only access, the only door and the only relevance for all mankind. Belief through faith and obedience in and to the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved from the wrath of God against all men of every race and creed Yes, God is a loving God, but until you believe through faith and act in obedience, you are under His just wrath.
Trust and believe in Christ Jesus today. And begin a new year with a new life, and so restore the pillars of our culture, society, and nation, one man and woman at a time. Jesus Christ remains our only hope and our only Savior.
There are things that only the righteous can do that no president or politician can. Reveal the True and whole Counsel of God. Exalt the one and only Living God as He is and not what the world wants.
Our God is no love guru. He is God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth. His love and tolerance are only found in Jesus Christ. He is our only remedy against God’s wrath.

Only God can stop the collapsing of America.

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