The Empire Strikes Back – The Counter Attack of the American Media Complex – By Thomas Koester

The Enemy of The People

I wrote this four years ago, yet it reads as though I wrote it just yesterday…

The Failed American Media Complex will not go away quietly into the night.

Get ready for all types of media, including social media, print media, and including the alphabet soup networks to strike back against conservative talking outlets, and any outlet whereby free speech flourishes. More and more corporate owners of giant social media sites and network owners will increase the amount of filters against all dissenting voices and opinions. You may have noticed this happening during the recent presidential campaign.

The Media Complex has lost HUGE and has seriously failed the Leftest and Progressives movements. They’ll stop at nothing to correct the wrong they’ve done to the political left and to themselves. So get ready for them to strike back hard!

They’ve inadvertently caused the near extinction of liberalism through their arrogant and inaccurate polling and reporting. “Journalism is dead,” is not quite an accurate montra, rather fair and accurate journalism is beyond dead and beyond saving. We need a new resurrection of true unbiased journalism and fact based reporting. We need a new bread of journalistic watchmen, willing to report the news, rather than shaping and creating the news.

We need a journalistic renaissance to bridge between misreporting to accurately reporting news events, and to hold those in political power accountable to truth and action.

The Freedom of the Press must be free of all bias and ideologically driven journalists, or we’ll lose all other freedoms. I don’t think most people realize just how close we came to losing the Republic during this past election cycle!

Do not return to apathy and indifference. Keep observing and keep talking, and while you’re at it, learn about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States. Become informed, so that those controlling the media and your classrooms that want you to be uninformed, will be met with your intelligence and not your ignorance.

America is free, because of intelligent-free thinking and self-governing people. The “Useful idiots” (the uninformed) have already lost their freedoms, and are therefore more easily manipulated by “community organizers” and a Media Complex gone wild and unchecked!

Our Nation’s freedom was won by a handful of rebels against the largest and most powerful empire of its day. We too can win the battle against the Media Complex Empire – one network at a time! Starve them to death by listening to them no more.

This is our New American Revolution. You are The Resistance against The American Media Complex!

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