The Deconstructing of America – By Thomas Koester

The Left are experts in the use of disasters as a political and ideological wrecking ball.

We are witnessing the systematic tearing down of America, under the guise of a real virus, but a false pandemic.

The unfortunate and tragic death of George Floyd had been exploited before all the facts and evidence was considered. Tragically, a rush to judgment incited anger, hatred, division, and ultimately chaos and destruction. Both the virus and the needles death of George Floyd have impacted the economy and National morale, as well as force more and more people into governmental dependency.

Now, in addition to eliminating the bail system, the Socialist and Leftists want to take our guns away. Due to recent events, they want to defund and disband local police agencies. If that’s not enough, the Democrats want to suspend in-person voting just in time for the 2020 November elections.

Do you see? Mass shootings are the driving force to take away our guns. The pandemic is the driving force to fundamentally change the way we vote. The unfortunate death of George Floyd by several cops becomes the driving force to defund and disband the police.

If you look backward at many major events, you can connect the dots to the political agenda of the Left, into the near, and or, distant future. Their efficient use of disaster and calamity becomes breadcrumbs. Follow the breadcrumbs and they’ll lead you to their modus operandi. Each and every one of these historic events is politically abused and exploited to erode our freedoms and destroy the Constitution. The historic evidence is there. Matter of fact the historical evidence is there in any of the previously collapsed Nations.

Rahm Emanuel was the 23rd Chief of Staff serving President Obama and the 55th Mayor of Chicago. He is famous for making an interesting observation about natural or planned disasters:

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel

The Left’s tools of deconstructing America are the use of natural calamity or the creation of disaster to fundamentally change or destroy America. The Left are experts in the use of disasters as a political and ideological wrecking ball.

Honestly, and with all seriousness, if the Conservatives lose both Houses this November, including the White House, America as we know her is finished! This is not mere speculation, but a certainty. Current events are dress rehearsals for something much larger and more widespread.

Was George Floyd a marked-man? Or were the Left desperately waiting for a black American to be killed by a white cop? Whether this incident was happenstance or anticipated, one thing is sure, it was used for maximum effectiveness, and to provide cover for what’s really going on, as well as contribute to further economic ruin of businesses, towns and cities during a key election year.

If we don’t see and understand that everything which has been happening these past few years is intentional and coordinated; designed to corrupt and dismantle our freedoms and liberties, then prevention and recovery will be impossible, or very costly.

Just recently, in California, the Democratic controlled State Assembly has passed a law lowering the age of sexual consent to 14 years of age! I bet with all the pandemonium you hadn’t seen this in the news.

The time for indictments and arrests is now, tomorrow, next week or next month is too late. If these indictments and arrests do not happen before this November than it will never happen.

My hope is in God. He is, for those who trust him, our High Tower and Shield, but I fear for the millions of people that have no trust in God and remain unsaved. There will be a great shaking of America and the world. Nothing that we’ve recently experienced will even come close to the disaster on the horizon.

It reminds me of the Lord of The Rings, “The Tale of Two Towers.”

Evil, I’m afraid, is wakening and aligning. A dark army is forming. The same allies of the past, the Far Left and Islamic Jihadists of the 1930s and 1940s are again coming together. This is not conspiratorial nonsense, or a Hollywood movie script, but historical fact and the evidence is all around in plain sight. But too many people have their faces in front of their smartphones and tablets to notice.

Do you ever wonder how great Nations have fallen?

They fall because too few are paying attention. The watchmen have become too distracted, or have fallen asleep. A free press is the watchmen of society. At least our Founding Fathers thought so. Except our broadcast and printed news media has long since been co-opted by the Left.

Look no further than in America. She is about to fall because so few are paying attention. Today’s watchmen are marginalized or called a “conspiracy nut.” They’re maligned; they impune their character, or accuse them of racism, or acting unchristian. Anybody in the news media that doesn’t follow the political narrative is forced out.

The deconstructing of America has slowly been progressing for over 100 years. However, in these past few years, and especially the first half of 2020, America is falling rapidly, as if the Left tripped the alarm and are now rushing their plan of destruction before America wakes up.

Currently, BLM and ANTIFA are moving from city to city and into the suburbs. I just read a report that the Portland activists and rioters are traveling to Lodi, California.

Do you care, or are you more interested in napping?

Your silence is deconstructing America.

America, WAKE UP!

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